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A Conversation With Outgoing Governor Sonny Perdue

GPB’s Edgar Treiguts sat down with the outgoing governor late last week to discuss his time in office, and whether he's done a lot of reflecting on his tenure.

Deal Adopts Cabbage Patch Dolls

overnor-elect Nathan Deal and the soon to be first lady of the state Sandra Deal received two cabbage patch kids made in their likeness.

Nathan Deal Puts Assets In Trust

Governor Elect Nathan Deal has set up a blind trust to control his personal assets while in office. Jimmy Allen, a Tifton-based accountant will oversee the governor's assets while he's in office. Allen is also a Deal supporter. Deal has also restructured a $2.2 million dollar loan that was due Feb. 1. It stems his investment in a failed Outdoor equipment store

Lawmakers Seek Citizenship Limits

A measure to deny birthright U.S. citizenship for children of illegal immigrants was introduced in Washington Wednesday. The push is being made by a group of state lawmakers from across the country, including Georgia.

Millions in Fees Redirected

The state has collected millions of dollars over the years in fees that aren’t going toward their original purpose. Local officials say if lawmakers continue to divert fees to other purposed they shouldn’t pass any more of them.

Ga. Delegation Hits The Hill

Georgia will have two new U.S. House members take their oath in Washington later today as the new Congress convenes. Tifton Republican Austin Scott out of Georgia’s 8th district, and Lawrenceville Republican Rob Woodall from the 7th.

Lawmakers Face Tough Choices

State lawmakers return to the Capitol next week to open the new General Assembly session. And it promises to be dominated once again by tough budget issues.

Trauma Vote Could Propel Tobacco Tax

Voters might have resuscitated the push for increased tobacco taxes when they rejected increased car tag fees this November. The car tag fees were on the ballot to fund a statewide trauma care network. Now business groups -- who campaigned for the trauma care measure -- are urging lawmakers to increase the tobacco tax in the upcoming legislative session

Community Hospitals Defend Tax Breaks

Non-profit hospitals want Georgia lawmakers to keep their hands off their tax breaks. A panel of lawmakers will make recommendations public next week that could re-write or eliminate a slew of state tax exemptions. An alliance of non-profit hospitals just released a report detailing how much Georgia gets back from non-profit hospitals for the tax breaks.

Perdue May Appoint New Regents

Governor Sonny Perdue could make last-minute appointments to the Board of Regents as his days in office draw to a close. The terms of two regents expire on January 1. Perdue has been busy preparing for the transfer to Governor-Elect Nathan Deal, who’s also taking part in the decision.