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Conversation With U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson

GPB’s Edgar Treiguts caught-up with Isakson for updates on a handful of topics important to Georgians.

Day-3 General Assembly Roundup

A bill introduced on Monday could allow Sunday alcohol sales to go before voters. Lawmakers also proposed a bill to expand school vouchers to military families.

Troy Davis Appeals To Supreme Court

Lawyers for Georgia death row inmate Troy Davis have filed an appeal with the US Supreme Court. Davis was sentenced to die for the 1989 killing of Savannah policeman Marc MacPhail. His case has fueled criticism of the US justice system.

Isakson: Congress Has Money For Port

US Senator Johnny Isakson says, he'll press Congress to fund a half-billion-dollar expansion project at the Port of Savannah. Congressional Republicans recently have been pledging to cut spending to shore up the deficit. Isakson says, there is money for the project, which state leaders see as critical to the economy

Sunday Alcohol Sales Could Pass

This could be the year the legislature will allow Sunday alcohol sales to go before voters. With Governor Perdue no longer in office, a veto threat is gone. A group of state senators introduced a bill that would allow alcohol to be sold after church on Sundays.

Speaker Defends Europe Trip

Georgia House Speaker, David Ralston defended taking a trip to Europe paid for by lobbyist.

Grocery Tax Could Return

Lawmakers will consider reinstating the grocery tax this session. It’s perhaps the most controversial part of a broad plan to overhaul the tax code. Two legislators discussing the plan at recent luncheon on the state budget crisis provide a glimpse of what’s to come when lawmakers take up the issue this year.

Rev. Bernice King Rejects SCLC Presidency

King said Friday that she is shifting her attention to furthering her mother's legacy after dedicating "an exhaustive amount of time, energy and resources to assess the organization and prepare for my transition."

Deal Wants Better Storm Prep

Governor Deal met with the head of GEMA to talk about preperation for the ice storm expected to hit the northern parts of the state next week.

Ethics Watchdogs Push Changes

Governor Deal issued an executive order that agency heads and his staff cannot accept gifts over $25 dollars, but that does not extend to Georgia's part-time legislature.