Tom Barton of the Savannah Morning News talks with GPB's Sarah McCammon about the week's big news: runoff elections.
Austin Scott and Rob Woodall in Washington for oreintation. Newly-elected Georgia Congressmen getting crash course in being a lawmaker. Classes feature ethics, office management, parlimentary procedure.
The State of Georgia is suing the U.S. Justice Department in order to enact a law that requires citizenship verification along with voter registration applications.
Two Georgia congressmen say they will not support Nancy Pelosi’s bid to become Democratic leader in the U.S. House.
As the 111th Congress draws to a close a bill that would have ended the use of mercury in manufacturing will likely die. It means a chemical plant near Augusta can continue using the cancer-causing material indefinitely.
Confronting racial tensions within the Democratic Party is the only way the party has a chance in the state— says Michael Thurmond who lost his election bid for the US Senate last week. The out-going labor commissioner spoke candidly about the...
A federal appeals court will rule on whether Georgia sets too strict a standard for deciding whether death penalty defendants are mentally retarded, meaning they cannot be executed.
Stacey Abrams is the first woman ever to be minority leader in Georgia.
Music Hall of Fame Authority Board says state funding is not part of any new plan. Museum could move from Macon. Final proposals due by December.
Governor-elect Nathan Deal is underway with state budget meetings this week. Only six days removed from his gubernatorial victory, the Gainesville Republican is meeting all week with state budget officials and key budget writers within the General...
Georgia House Republicans on Monday had their turn in electing new leadership. There were few changes, but they needed to fill a vacant seat for Majority Leader and elected Larry O’Neil of Bonaire. He was Governor Perdue’s former lawyer and had...