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General Assembly Day-27 Roundup

The budget plan for Georgia's next fiscal year is ready for a House vote. Meanwhile, the bill to revamp and save the state's HOPE scholarship program has cleared both chambers of the Geneal Assembly, and is ready for Governor Nathan Deal's signature.

Bill Would Allow Cities to Charge Fees for Vacant Properties

Georgia cities may soon get some state help with dilapidated properties.

Senate Opens Politics To Utilities

The state Senate passed a bill Thursday that would allow utilities to make political contributions.

University Fights For Cancer Research

The President of Georgia Health Sciences University in Augusta wants lawmakers to put the institution’s funding for cancer research back into the state budget. The university chief says without state support Georgia could lose the fight against the disease.

House To Vote On Budget

The $18.25 billion spending plan expected to be up for a full house vote Friday has some changes from Governor Nathan Deal’s proposal.

General Assembly Day-26 Roundup

Hot debate in the state Senate yielded passage of the bill to revamp the HOPE program. Other bills getting the green light in Wednesday's General Assembly session - legislation for clear-cutting of trees around billboards, and

Feb. Tax Collections Surge

New revenue numbers show collections are up significantly from this time last year. The state netted $148 million more last month over February 2010. That’s a 26 percent spike. Individual income tax collection drove the rise, more than doubling from last year to $185 million. But state officials attribute the jump to an accounting change.

Day-25 General Assembly Roundup

Governor Nathan Deal announced revisions to his plan for cuts to Georgia's Pre-K program. In the Legislature, the $18 billion midyear budget was approved by the House and Senate. And the state Senate Ethics Committee unanimously approved a bill that would allow regulated utilities to contribute to political campaigns in Georgia

Deal Changes Music Hall Leadership

Gov. Nathan Deal appointed three more members to the Georgia Music Hall of Fame Authority Monday. The board has been at a stalemate on what to do about the future of the Macon museum, which will lose state funding at the end of June. The board’s next vote is set for next week with the three new members. 

Utilities Move Closer To Campaign Contributions

The state Senate Ethics Committee Monday unanimously approved a bill that would allow regulated utilities to contribute to political campaigns in Georgia.