The survey—administered by Costas Spirou, chair of GCSU's Department of Government and Sociology—asked 500 people via cell phone and landline which party they want leading the state in the next four years.
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter will visit the Middle East with a delegation of global leaders seeking to build support for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.
Solving Georgia’s water troubles is an emerging issue in the Governor’s race. Both Democrat Roy Barnes and Republican Nathan Deal stress conservation and the need for reservoirs in their water plans.
Congressmen Jim Marshall and John Barrow receiving support from Chamber. Two of ten Democrats nationwide being helped with advertisements. Democratic leaders critical.
A 17-year-old driver from Kennesaw has died a day after a highway collision that injured Democratic gubernatorial nominee Roy Barnes' daughter and her two daughters. Cobb County police say the accident near Marietta occurred on Sunday when a...
African-Americans turned out in record numbers to vote for President Barack Obama, but he’s not on the ticket this time around, and overall turnout will be down simply because it’s a mid-term election.
The candidates for Georgia’s 8th and 12th congressional district debated last night on GPB. The 8th district around Macon has been hotly contested and the debate between incumbent Democrat Jim Marshall and Republican Austin Scott got contentious at...
Republican gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal paid unusually low federal income taxes in past years. That’s according to an analysis by the Associated Press. It's yet another financial issue to emerge in the campaign.
The two main contenders for the next governor of Georgia have differing takes on how Georgia should negotiate in the tri-state water dispute.
When Michael Thurmond announced this spring that he’d run for the U.S. Senate it was an emotional scene at the state capitol.
Georgia Congressman Sanford Bishop claims he was not a part of the selection process that awarded scholarships to his stepdaughter and niece through the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.