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It's Sunrise In London And Time For A Rave

The sun is just peeking over the rooftops and the main drink is coffee, not alcohol. But that hasn't kept Londoners from a popular morning rave that's rapidly spread to cities around the world.

A Good IT Person Needs To Be Half Technologist, Half Psychologist

Your doctor and lawyer may know a lot about you. But in a time when we are using computers to socialize, keep track of finances, do work and store family photos, your IT person probably knows more.

Can Divorced Dad Be Forced To Cover Insurance For Adult Kids?

A mother seeks advice on how to get her ex-husband to keep their sons on his plan because it would be less costly than hers.

Robin Williams: A Supreme Talent Who Was Always On

Williams was a dervish of comedy tossing off one-liners, biting asides and sidesplitting routines in a blizzard of accents, attitudes and goodhearted energy. He died Monday at 63.

The Bush/Obama Quiz: What's The Difference?

No wonder we occasionally feel political deja vu.

Tackling Urban Blight Through Technology And Data

Mercer University's Center for Collaborative Journalism takes on Macon's urban blight.