Education will continue to be on the front lines this fall in Georgia. And not only because it’s at the center of the gubernatorial race. Georgia will be implementing a new mandatory statewide teacher evaluation system for the first time once the new school year begins. The state has been conducting a pilot program with a fraction of Georgia’s school districts. In the fall, it goes live to all school districts for the first time.
A Tift County Judge will decide on December 6th whether to unseal the divorce records of Austin Scott. Scott is running against Congressman Jim Marshall in the 8th Congressional District. Race is considered one of the most competitive in the nation.
Over a hundred people rallied at the state capital in Atlanta Tuesday to support an amendment which would raise money for the state’s trauma care network. Amendment 2 would create an annual ten dollar tag fee to fund the ailing system.
Democrat Michael Thurmond and Libertarian Chuck Donovan faced Isakson in a debate sponsored by the Atlanta Press Club and aired here on GPB.
Ray LaHood says Georgia needs to spend more on transportation. High speed rail must be a part of plans. He says HB 277 a good start.
Georgia is one of four states participating in a coastal alliance aimed at getting the South Atlantic region in synch on environmental issues. The South Atlantic Alliance recently released a draft plan to coordinate state policies on port expansion...
House Minority Leader John Boehner comes to Georgia. He was here to campaign for Austin Scott and Mike Keown, and promised them key appointments if elected.
Georgia voters will be asked a question that affects tiny areas in just two counties when they go to the polls next month. It's constitutional amendment five. If passed, it'll let a handful of property owners in Chatham and Jeff Davis...
On November 2nd, Georgians will vote on Referendum A which would get rid of state inventory tax.
Macon and Athens showed up at mandatory meeting. Gathering was mandated by lawmakers. Decision on where to put the Georgia Sports and Music Halls of Fame will come by April.
Georgia’s candidates for governor took questions on issues important to seniors in a ‘town hall’ phone conference with members of the AARP.