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Pump Up The Bass, Feel Like A Boss

A new study found that listening to music with heavy bass lines think "We Will Rock You" and "In Da Club" makes people feel more powerful.

Fifty Years Of 'Farmer John': A Hit That Opened The Door For Chicano Rock

Before the summer of 1964, major labels had little interest in Mexican-American bands. Then came The Premiers.

FBI Opens Probe Into The Police Shooting That Roiled St. Louis

Rioting broke out in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, where police shot and killed an unarmed teenager on Sunday. The FBI has opened an investigation into the fatal shooting that preceded the riots.

Graphic Warnings: Ebola Posters Keep The Virus On People's Minds

Sierra Leone is at the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak. To help stop the virus, health workers are putting up Ebola awareness posters around the country. One doctor explains why they're so graphic.

Why Are Men Leaving The American Workforce?

In the 1960s, men slowly but surely began leaving the workforce and many never came back. The trend continues today. Economists cite a number of reasons, from technology to international competition.

A Witness To Iraq's Yazidi Exodus

The heart of Iraq's refugee crisis lies in the country's north, where the Yazidi people, a religious minority, are fleeing the approach of Islamic State militants.

The Man Who Might Be Iraq's Next Prime Minister

Haider al-Abadi, a prominent politician for the past decade, has been nominated as prime minister. But a potential confrontation looms with Nouri al-Maliki, the man who's had the job for eight years.

Barneys Agrees To Settlement Over Racial Profiling Allegations

The retailer will pay a fine of $525,000 in connection to charges that its flagship store in New York was disproportionately suspecting black and Hispanics of credit card fraud and shoplifting.

New Leader Of Iraq Is Nominated, But Maliki Insists He'll Stay In Office

"Vice President Joe Biden called Iraqi Prime Minister-designate Haider al-Abadi to congratulate him on his nomination," the White House says.

Obama Calls Nomination Of New Iraqi Prime Minister A 'Step Forward'

The president said the only long-term solution in Iraq would be for Iraqis to work together. Obama said he and Vice President Biden have called to congratulate Haider al-Abadi.