In a political upset, Congressman Jack Kingston lost the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate Tuesday night to millionaire businessman David Perdue. The Savannah representative gave up the seat he’s held in Congress for 22 years to run for U.S. Senate in a bid to help the GOP win back control of that chamber. What’s more, he won the backing of nearly all prominent Republicans in Georgia. But it wasn’t enough to stem a tide of anti-Washington fervor that’s tarred Republicans as much as Democrats. Kingston said the race is about more than who represents Georgia in the Senate.
Lawyers for Georgia death row inmate Troy Davis have filed an appeal with the US Supreme Court. Davis was sentenced to die for the 1989 killing of Savannah policeman Marc MacPhail. His case has fueled criticism of the US justice system.
Governor Deal met with the head of GEMA to talk about preperation for the ice storm expected to hit the northern parts of the state next week.
King said Friday that she is shifting her attention to furthering her mother's legacy after dedicating "an exhaustive amount of time, energy and resources to assess the organization and prepare for my transition."
Lawmakers will consider reinstating the grocery tax this session. It’s perhaps the most controversial part of a broad plan to overhaul the tax code. Two legislators discussing the plan at recent luncheon on the state budget crisis provide a...
150 years ago, Georgia legislators voted to secede from the Union. Three months later, the nation entered a 4-year Civil War that left 600-thousand men dead and millions wounded. A new book illustrates Georgia sites that commemorate the war....
Georgia’s Wildlife Management Areas are at risk because of dwindling state funds, and hunters and anglers may have to pay more to access the recreational lands. The Department of Natural Resources proposes spending $200,000 less on leasing land for...
The state agency that administers Medicaid faces about a billion dollar hole with the loss of stimulus dollars. Georgia's Medicaid program will be supported by cuts to other state agencies, but some Medicaid services may be lost.
The state Public Service Commission wants to penalize Georgia Power for any cost overruns associated with building two new reactors at Plant Vogtle near Augusta. Officials with the utility are against the plan.
Governor Deal issued an executive order that agency heads and his staff cannot accept gifts over $25 dollars, but that does not extend to Georgia's part-time legislature.
State Senator Republican Jack Murphy says he’s innocent of federal charges brought against him. The FDIC is suing him and others who sat on the board of a failed local bank. The civil lawsuit alleges the bank violated banking laws.