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Who Will Win The 2014 World Series?

If the oddsmakers are right, two Los Angeles teams will be the only ones left standing when the World Series begins in late October. But back east, some fans are pulling for a Beltway Series.

Germany Red-Faced Over Military Equipment Failures

The country's defense minister says Germany currently can't fulfill its long-term NATO commitments because of a widespread grounding of its military planes and helicopters.

Spanish Court Blocks Catalonia's Independence Vote

Spain's central government in Madrid had appealed to the court to stop the vote, which had been approved with strong support from Catalonia's parliament and local governments.

Lessons Learned From The Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal

The trial of a dozen former educators and administrators accused of cheating in the Atlanta Public Schools is now underway. During opening statements this morning, a prosecutor said those educators conspired to fix students' test scores. Jurors will not hear arguments from lawyers for former superintendent Beverly Hall. Her trial was delayed because she's undergoing treatment for cancer. GPB’s Rickey Bevington spoke with Maureen Downey, who covers education policy for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, about lessons other school systems can learn from the APS cheating scandal

Sandwich Monday: The Pizza Cake

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try the Pizza Cake, which is a fancy way of saying "a bunch of pizzas stacked on top of each other."