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Yazidi Community In America Watches Events In Iraq With Horror

Lincoln, Neb., is home to a sizable group of Iraqi Yazidis, members of the minority group being persecuted in Iraq. One of them, Sulaiman Murad, describes the agony of watching the crisis from afar.

With Its Eccentric Owner Gone, What To Do With Graceland Too?

The home of Paul MacLeod with its Elvis shrine and offbeat owner drew tourists to the postcard town of Holly Springs, Miss. Now, a tragedy has left the town reeling and debating the home's fate.

New Orleans Makes Big Push To Get More Cops On The Streets

The city is losing about 100 officers a year to retirements and resignations. To beef up the force, New Orleans is speeding up background checks and relaxing some requirements for the job.

In Ferguson, Local Faith Leaders Call For 'Different Dialogue'

Amid ongoing tension over the shooting death of an unarmed teen, churches are telling their parishioners that now is the time for tough conversations.

Israel, Palestinians Still Far Apart As Truce Nears End

Hamas wants an easing of the blockade of the territory, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reiterated a demand for security guarantees.

Gov. Perry: Indictment 'Amounts To Nothing'

Texas Gov. Rick Perry says the felony abuse-of-power charges against him are politically motivated, calling it a "farce of a prosecution."

The Death And Uneasy Rebirth Of Cambodia's Psychedelic Rock

An unlikely music nearly silenced by the Khmer Rouge is being replayed and remixed by young performers of Cambodian descent. But changing up the oldies has landed some musicians in hot water.

Young Indians And Pakistanis Rewrite Their Shared History

When students from the two countries met in the U.S., they were surprised at how different their history lessons had been at home. So they put together a narrative that offers both versions.

Code Switch Roundup: On Race, Policing And Ferguson

After the shooting death of an unarmed teen, the town of Ferguson, Mo., has become the focus of national debates about race and the militarization of local police departments.

Centenarian Soprano Licia Albanese Dies

A long career began suddenly as she replaced the lead in Madame Butterfly mid-performance. A Metropolitan Opera stalwart, she sang the lead in La traviata there more than anyone before or since.