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Heads Still Dry, Scientists Try New Approach With ALS

An international team of scientists is experimenting with a potential drug to block the production of a protein linked to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Fleeing War And Finding Work

Most countries in the developing world won't let refugees work. But Uganda is trying something different.

Helping Students Make Sense Of A Young Black Man's Death In Missouri

The shooting of Michael Brown may raise questions for students, and teachers need to be prepared.

Chatham County Offers Temporary Amnesty For Traffic Court Fines

A month-long program will waive fines for missed traffic court dates in the hope it will encourage people to pay their traffic tickets.

Why Hungry Seniors Aren't Getting Enough To Eat

A study found that 60 percent of elderly patients who visited an emergency department in 2013 were malnourished. But doctors say it can be relatively easy to help seniors get the food they need.

Middle Georgia Weekend: August 15-17

Middle GA knows how to party! Check out what's happening this weekend.

MLB Owners Pick League's COO As New Commissioner

Rob Manfred, a labor lawyer who has worked for the league for 16 years, beat out Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner. Current commissioner Bud Selig says he'll retire in January.

Vigils In Ferguson And Nationwide Stay Calm, But Message Remains

After four nights of tense clashes with police and several high-profile arrests, protests appeared to calm in Ferguson, Mo., on Thursday night, with vigils held in cities nationwide.

A Virtual Outbreak Offers Hints Of Ebola's Future

As the Ebola outbreak rages in West Africa, it is also unfolding in a virtual sense inside the computers of scientists trying to predict how far the outbreak will spread and when it will end.