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Rep. John Lewis Will Run Again

Rep. John Lewis (D-5) announced Tuesday that he will seek reelection next year. The congressman made the announcement before the Atlanta press club. Elected to the US House of Representatives in 1986, Lewis will be seeking his 14th consecutive term.

More Cities Ready For Sunday Sales Vote

Woodstock, north of Atlanta, is the latest municipality to prepare to place Sunday alcohol sales on its November ballot. The move comes even though the governor has yet to approve the bill.

Savannah Mayor Wants Gun Crackdown

Savannah Mayor Otis S. Johnson is calling for stricter background checks for gun owners. The Savannah Morning News reports that during a Monday news conference, he urged Savannah residents to support tougher gun background checks. He was joined at the news conference by mothers of sons who were murdered and by police officers who have dodged bullets.

Agri-Business Team Deploys To Afghanistan

Georgia’s first National Guard Agri-business team deployed to Afghanistan from Fort Gordon near Augusta. The unit’s mission is to help farmers make more money from their crops.

Lobbyists Spent $1M During Session

A review of records by The Associated Press shows lobbyists poured close to $1 million into meals, drinks, tickets and gifts for state legislators and bureaucrats during this year's legislative session.

Flag Causing Controversy

Dodge County Commission votes to fly flag 365 days a year. Some residents say flag stirs up bad memories. No plans to take it down.

Bill Would Promote Land Conservation

A bill that encourages land conservation awaits the governor’s signature. It would allow landowners to sell their tax credit to companies.

Macon Approves Smoking Ban

The Macon City Council has voted to eliminate smoking from nearly everywhere but private residences. The council voted 9-6 for the new rules Tuesday night. The ordinance eliminates smoking in bars and nightclubs, most hotel rooms, health care facilities, and almost every other indoor location except private houses.

Tax Breaks’ Benefit Unclear

The 2012 state budget includes tax breaks for manufacturers of airplane parts, developers, and Delta Airlines. But it’s unclear if they will save or create jobs.

Savannah Council Pays Member $50K

A member of Savannah City Council says, she didn't receive special treatment when fellow council members paid her $50,000 for flood damage to her home. Many Savannah residents have filed claims against the city in recent years -- saying when it rains, the city's drains don't work and their homes get flooded. But many of council member Mary Osborne's claims fell outside a legal time limit.