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Guilty Ex-Judges Lose Law Licenses

Former state court judge Brooks Blitch III and former federal judge Jack Camp were among several judges who stained the image of the Georgia judiciary in recent years. The Georgia Supreme Court now has revoked Blitch's license to practice law and accepted Camp's voluntary surrender of his license.

Illegal Immigration, HOPE In Day-20 Capitol Spotlight

A legislative committee has passed a bill that aims to crack down on illegal immigration in Georgia. And in the state Senate, some Democrats are concerned that a proposal to cut the HOPE scholarship program and pre-kindergarten program is moving too quickly through the Legislature.

Immigration Bill May Get Vote This Week

The author of a bill aimed at curbing Georgia’s illegal immigrant population expects it to get a committee vote this week.

Senate Democrats: HOPE Fix Rushed

Senate Democrats say the Republican plan to fix the HOPE scholarship and Pre-K program is being rushed.

Lawmakers Hit Session Mid-Point

Georgia's General Assembly arrives at the halfway point with Day-20 on the Legislative calendar. Of activity expected this week -- a House committee hearing on a bill to crack down on illegal immigration. And Governor Nathan Deal's plan to save the lottery-funded HOPE scholarship could get a full House vote.

Long Odds For Gambling Proposal

A proposal to expand casino-like video lottery terminals to help fund the HOPE Scholarship program appears to be dead. When Governor Nathan Deal unveiled his own plan to fix HOPE this week, he rejected expanding gambling. And that pleased officials on Jekyll Island, where Republican State Representative Ron Stephens of Savannah proposed putting terminals.

Black Officials Gather In Macon

The Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials is meeting in Macon. Key issues are education, budget, voter registration and redistricting. Reverend Joseph Lowery will give keynote address.

Utilities Could Fund Campaigns Under Bill

A Georgia state senator wants to lift a decades-long ban on political contributions by utility companies. Republican state senator Don Balfour of Snellville says, he’s pushing the change over free-speech concerns.

Proposed Pre-K Cuts Challenged

Parents and teachers assailed cuts being proposed cuts to the Georgia's pre-kindergarten program. At a legislative hearing on Friday, some pre-k teachers said they would no longer be able to make ends meet if the program is cut from 6 1/12 hours a day to four. Others said cutting the instruction time would hurt the quality of the education being offered to 4-year-olds.

Racially Divided Council Nominates Manager

Savannah is expected to get its first African-American city manager after a bitter, months-long fight. The search for a new city manager intensified racial divisions as white and black council members exchanged bitter accusations that spun out into the community. One black council member said that a racially-divided vote would be "the nuclear option."