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Flag Causing Controversy

Dodge County Commission votes to fly flag 365 days a year. Some residents say flag stirs up bad memories. No plans to take it down.

Bill Would Promote Land Conservation

A bill that encourages land conservation awaits the governor’s signature. It would allow landowners to sell their tax credit to companies.

Macon Approves Smoking Ban

The Macon City Council has voted to eliminate smoking from nearly everywhere but private residences. The council voted 9-6 for the new rules Tuesday night. The ordinance eliminates smoking in bars and nightclubs, most hotel rooms, health care facilities, and almost every other indoor location except private houses.

Tax Breaks’ Benefit Unclear

The 2012 state budget includes tax breaks for manufacturers of airplane parts, developers, and Delta Airlines. But it’s unclear if they will save or create jobs.

Savannah Council Pays Member $50K

A member of Savannah City Council says, she didn't receive special treatment when fellow council members paid her $50,000 for flood damage to her home. Many Savannah residents have filed claims against the city in recent years -- saying when it rains, the city's drains don't work and their homes get flooded. But many of council member Mary Osborne's claims fell outside a legal time limit.

Scott Gets Earful From Constituents

Scott says 38-billion in cuts was not enough. He wanted 100-billion or more. Scott says cuts alone cannot fix budget, must grow GDP.

Nuclear Equipment Heading To Japan

Workers at the Savannah River Site near Augusta are preparing to send equipment to Japan that could help stabilize the country’s tsnumai-damaged nuclear reactors. The shipment will include materials for treating radioactive water.

Ga. Senate Looks to Heal After Fractured Session

Four months after he was stripped of much of his power, popular incumbent Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle was looking to reconcile with his Republican colleagues. In a letter to GOP senators dated Thursday, Cagle proposed a return of some of the powers he lost in the weeks after he was overwhelmingly re-elected. The 2011 General Assembly ended this week with no clear path to a solution as both sides remained bitterly opposed — although they both acknowledged the leadership structure would have to change.

Judge Defends Court Under Glass' Lens

A South Georgia Superior Court court judge is publicly confronting accusations made by public radio's This American Life. Host Ira Glass broadcast a report last month saying, Brunswick Judge Amanda Williams hands out drug court sentences not-in-keeping with judicial norms.

Deal Will Sign Immigration Bill

The measure would require employers to check immigration status of employees. The bill allows police officers to check the immigration status of people stopped for traffic violations. It also forces many companies to check the citizenship of new hires. It’s among many bills approved in the final hours of the legislative session that wrapped up last night.