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More Protests In Ferguson Follow Police Chief's Video Apology

Thomas Jackson, who apologized in a video released Thursday for the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown, faced protesters calling for his resignation.

And The Million Dollar Hult Prize Goes To A Doc In A Box

The challenge: come up with a plan to improve healthcare in slums. There were 11,000 entries, featuring everything from bees to chewing gum as part of the proposal. And the winner is...

Former Fed Bank Examiner Says Secret Tapes Show Fed Leniency

The former Fed employee recorded 46 hours of meetings using a small device on her keychain. The concern, says ProPublica reporter Jake Bernstein, is the Fed may be too cozy with banks it oversees.

Everything Dies, Right? But Does Everything Have To Die? Here's A Surprise

Meet two animals. Both are teeny. Both live in water. Both mature extra fast. But while one dies in about a week, the other well, prepare to be amazed.

Despite A Bumpy Tenure, Holder Had A Broad Impact

Between clashes with Congress on Operation Fast and Furious and U.S.-based trials for Sept. 11 suspects, the attorney general advanced civil rights priorities and reached several landmark settlements.

Alaska Is Rattled By 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake

The quake, while strong, was very deep so its damage was limited to overturned shelves and broken ceiling tiles.

Ex-Con, Future Congressman? Former Gov. Edwin Edwards Campaigns Again

The 87-year-old Louisiana Democrat, famous for his charm, his philandering and his shaky ethical standards, is out of federal prison and making a bid for Congress in a heavily Republican district.

Promised Help To Fight Ebola Arriving At 'Speed Of A Turtle'

The head of a leading aid group warned the United Nations that the situation in West Africa is desperate. U.N. officials said they're getting help on the ground as quickly as possible.