The race for Georgia’s open U.S. Senate has been costly. And not just in dollars. One veteran Senator – Saxby Chambliss – is retiring. And three sitting Congressmen will leave Washington at the end of this year because they gave up those posts to run for Chambliss’s seat. That’s a whole lot of Washington know-how. All were card-carrying Georgia fiscal conservatives, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t bring funding back to their districts.
There was action on an illegal immigration bill, public defender system legislation, and an unveiling of a bill to enact a sweeping rewrite to Georgias' sunshine laws.
A bill that would raise the age children are required to be in car booster seats was passed by the state house today. Kids under eight would have to use them if they don’t meet certain measurements.
Consolidation bill passes House and moves on to Senate. Legislation would let voters make final decision. Macon one of the few major cities that is not consolidated.
The 67-year-old Gingrich is widely expected to take another step toward a presidential run this week. He and his wife, Callista, have scheduled a meeting Thursday with a key supporter -- Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal.
The state House passed a bill Tuesday that would overhaul Georgia's HOPE scholarship. It includes an amendment that requires a new minimum grade point average for students to keep the full HOPE scholarship while in college.
Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens says, he doubts the state would be able to opt-out of the federal health care law early. Some Georgia health care advocates agree, saying the provision was aimed at states like Vermont that already have...
Georgia's General Assembly arrives at the halfway point with Day-20 on the Legislative calendar. Of activity expected this week -- a House committee hearing on a bill to crack down on illegal immigration. And Governor Nathan Deal's plan...
Senate Democrats say the Republican plan to fix the HOPE scholarship and Pre-K program is being rushed.
The author of a bill aimed at curbing Georgia’s illegal immigrant population expects it to get a committee vote this week.
A legislative committee has passed a bill that aims to crack down on illegal immigration in Georgia. And in the state Senate, some Democrats are concerned that a proposal to cut the HOPE scholarship program and pre-kindergarten program is moving...