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Lawyers Prepare To Block Immigration Bill

Governor Nathan Deal is expected to sign the state’s immigration bill this week. But immigration lawyers are already gearing up to sue to stop the law.

Republican State Convention Starts Friday

Around 2-thousand are expected to attend Georgia Republican Party State Convention in Macon. Two presidential hopefuls speaking. New party chair could be elected.

Revenue Surplus Would Go To Reserves

Georgia could round out this fiscal year with a surplus. April’s 2.6 percent revenue spike is the tenth consecutive month of growth. House Appropriations Chair Terry England says any extra money will go straight to the state’s reserve fund.

Georgia Eyes Federal Transportation Center

Georgia is hoping to out-bid Tennessee for a federal transportation research center. Gov. Nathan Deal says if the state wins the so-called University Transportation Center, it comes with a $2.25 million yearly federal appropriation. Georgia would have to match that grant with state funds.

Chambliss Bill Supports Guantanamo

Georgia Republican Saxby Chambliss is among a group of Senators pushing a bill to keep the Guantanamo Bay prison open. The detention facility off the island of Cuba holds terrorism suspects. The Obama Administration has committed to closing Guantanamo and moving high-value detainees to prisons in the U.S.

Bill Extends Jobless Benefits

About 22,000 Georgians had been set to lose their unemployment benefits on July 1. The bill Deal signed into law will keep the checks flowing until Dec. 31.

Gingrich Georgia's 2nd Presidential Candidate

With the former Speaker of the House’s entry into the race for the 2012 election, he will be the second Georgian running for the GOP’s nomination. Former businessman and chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank, Herman Cain has been in the race since January.

Immigration Law Could Change Crops

Governor Nathan Deal says he will soon sign stricter immigration rules into law. Some agriculture experts say it may change what crops the state produces.

Rural Areas Cool To Sunday Sales Vote

A Metro-rural split has opened up on the question of Sunday alcohol sales. Since Gov. Deal signed a law letting local governments put Sunday alcohol sales on ballots, a flurry of Metro Atlanta governments have committed to a vote. But more rural areas mostly haven't taken up the issue either way. The reluctance might not be all about conservative voters.

Newt Gingrich to Run for President

A spokesman for Newt Gingrich says the former House speaker will announce Wednesday he is running for president.