State officials said Tuesday that they plan to increase the number of insurers and health plan options for state employees and teachers next year. The State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) has been a target of fierce criticism since Jan. 1. That’s when changes to its benefit design, plus the use of just one insurer, sparked widespread complaints from teachers and state employees about a lack of choice of insurance plans and higher health care costs.
Georgia lawmakers want to set up a special council to study ways of reducing Georgia's prison population. Georgia spends about 18 thousand dollars a year to house a non violent drug offender.
Legislation is making its way through the state House that would affect people riding bikes in Georgia. One measure would allow cycling on public sidewalks.
Some lawmakers want to make the elected body that regulates utilities in the state more accountable to the public. The Public Service Commission recently approved one of the biggest energy rate hikes in Georgia history.
State House lawmakers Thursday passed an $18 billion midyear budget to carry the state through the end of the fiscal year June 30. The plan included the restoration of a popular meals program for seniors. Additional money, about $14 million, for...
There’s a new effort underway at the state Capitol to push for a permanent trauma care network funding source. It’s still connected to vehicle registration fees—but with a twist. The measure revived this week by Douglas Republican Greg Goggans in...
State Rep. Ed Rynders of Albany wants voters to amend the state constitution so tuition increases at state universities cannot exceed the rate of inflation. He said controlling the cost of tuition is key to saving the lottery-funded HOPE scholarship...
Judiciary committee heard final testimony on a controversial immigration reform bill
The House has approved an $18 billion budget that funnels additional money to hospitals that care for large numbers of poor patients.
But Democratic leadership says education still loses. Money for meals on wheels and the respite program that helps family members provide home care for the elderly was put back in the 2011 budget.
Two years ago the Public Health department was merged into the Department of Community Health. Lawmakers say a separate agency would be more effective and there would be no change in the state budget.