The race for Georgia’s open U.S. Senate has been costly. And not just in dollars. One veteran Senator – Saxby Chambliss – is retiring. And three sitting Congressmen will leave Washington at the end of this year because they gave up those posts to run for Chambliss’s seat. That’s a whole lot of Washington know-how. All were card-carrying Georgia fiscal conservatives, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t bring funding back to their districts.
The Democratic Party of Georgia held its state committee meeting in Augusta Saturday for the first time in many years. The meeting marks the opening of the party’s first field office outside of Metro Atlanta. Party leaders say the move signals a new...
Lawmakers will be back at the Capitol this summer for a special session. They need to redraw legislative maps from new census data. And the redistricting effort is already off to a rough start.
The newest member of the state Public Service Commission says fallout from Japan’s tsunami-damaged nuclear reactors could slow America’s nuclear growth. Commissioner Tim Echols says the solution is privatizing the nation’s nuclear waste disposal.
Thousands of people gathered in front of the Georgia state Capitol Thursday to protest proposed immigration laws. They waved signs, chanted and cheered as speakers addressed the crowd. Police estimated the crowd at roughly 5,000.
State legislative leaders on Thursday proposed lowering the income tax rate and leaving groceries untaxed. During a special committee meeting, lawmakers endorsed some recommendations from a tax reform council but rejected others.
Opponents will testify next week. Senate Bill 110 makes changes to earlier law. Opponents say it will weaken protections while those in favor say it will not.
Census Bureau data show Georgia's total state government tax collections dropped about 8 percent in fiscal year 2010. Georgia collected about $14.8 billion in taxes in fiscal year 2010, down from about $16.1 billion in fiscal year 2009....
Although no jobs creation bills have been taken up this year, if you ask Republican leadership under the gold dome about the issue, they’ll tell you the session isn’t over yet.
Georgia physicians are not giving up their fight to convince legislators to increase the state's cigarette tax.
State lawmakers recently tabled legislation that would have created a federally-mandated state health care exchange. That leaves Georgia with some unused cash.