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Farm Groups Study Labor Shortage

Agriculture groups are launching a study of this spring’s labor shortage. They say the state’s new immigration law may have scared off migrant workers. The groups want to know the impact a smaller workforce had on harvest size.

Revenue Gains Close Fiscal Year

Georgia's net revenue rose $87.5 million in June, or 6.2 percent, as compared to net revenues in June 2010. Governor Nathan Deal's office reports the finish to the fiscal year caps a year of improvement in which all 12 months showed positive growth in monthly net collections relative to FY 2010.

New Congressional District A Political Prize

Georgia will gain a new Congressional district this year. That’s because the state added 1.5 million residents in the last decade. State lawmakers will determine the 14th district’s boundaries at a special legislative session in August. They haven’t said where the new district will go but one area in north Georgia has an edge.

New Hurdles For Transportation Tax

Support for a proposed 1-cent transportation sales tax could erode as some popular projects are eliminated from regional short lists. The measure is scheduled for a vote in July of next year.

Recyclers Wield Rarely-Used Power

Recycling advocates in Savannah's Chatham County are hoping to take advantage of a rarely-used power in the state constitution. They want to force a vote to start a curbside recycling program. Georgia's Constitution allows citizen-initiated ballot questions in certain, local cases.

Bulloch Co. To Vote On Sunday Sales

Bulloch County Commissioners have decided to put a Sunday alcohol sales referendum on the ballot this fall. The referendum on Nov. 8 applies only to package sales of malt beverages and wine. Liquor can be purchased in the county only in restaurants with a license to pour.

Ga. Will Appeal Immigration Ruling

The state attorney general's office says the state has filed a notice of appeal of a federal judge's ruling that blocked parts of the Georgia law cracking down on illegal immigration from taking effect. The official appeal has not yet been filed with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. The 11th Circuit filing will include a brief that will lay out the state's objections to the ruling.

Lawmakers Drawing New District Maps

Now that Georgians have had their chance to weigh in on redistricting, state lawmakers are getting ready for the special legislative session in August. That means drawing preliminary legislative maps.

Georgia's Role In Independence Day

America finalized the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. 56 members of the Continental Congress signed it, signifying the American Colonies’ release from the hold of Great Britain. Three men from the fledgling state of Georgia signed the document.

Pharmacists Face More Scrutiny

A bill allowing the Georgia Board of Pharmacy to conduct physical and mental evaluations of pharmacists is now state law. The Board of Pharmacy will also have more authority to investigate license applicants.