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Soda-Makers Try To Take Fizz Out Of Bay Area Tax Campaigns

Voters will decide on a penny-per-ounce tax on sugary drinks in Berkeley and a 2-cent-per-ounce tax in San Francisco. But the soda industry's lobbying group has spent millions blasting the measures.

Insurers May Cover Costly Hepatitis C Drugs Only For The Very Ill

Many insurers are restricting access to new drugs that are easier to take and that promise higher cure rates because the price tags can run $95,000 or more.

Ryan Scott Peterson former LGBT homeless youth who moved out of Lost n Found transitional home.

As Coming Out Age Drops, Focus On LGBT Homelessness Increases

With greater attention on gay rights, service providers say more youth are coming out earlier, often before they are ready to live on their own.

Bob Boilen's Top 10 Discoveries From The 2014 CMJ Music Marathon

Every fall, hundreds of bands migrate to New York City for the annual CMJ Music Marathon. Bob Boilen wants to share a few standouts from this year's lineup.

Army Says Troops Coming Back From West Africa Will Face 'Controlled Monitoring'

The troops will be confined to a housing complex at their base in Italy for 21 days. The news comes just as the White House tried to convince New York and New Jersey to drop mandatory quarantines.

Hawaii Lava Flow Less Than 100 Yards From Homes In Pahoa Village

The flow, which began at Mount Kilauea in June, threatens to take out dozens of homes on the Big Island.

Ancient Viruses Lurk In Frozen Caribou Poo

A 700-year-old caribou dropping from northern Canada holds surprisingly well-preserved viruses. There's no evidence the viruses are dangerous, but they are scientifically interesting.

Planned Vote In Ukraine's Separatist East Gets Moscow's Blessing

Luhansk and Donetsk, which have been under a shaky truce since early September, would participate in the vote, which Russia's foreign minister has said is "important to legitimize authorities there."