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Fire Breaks Out At Site Of Flight 93 National Memorial

The fire left three administrative buildings badly burned. The memorial marks the spot where United Flight 93 crashed during the terrorist attacks of September 11.

As Populations Shift, Democrats Hope To Paint The Sun Belt Blue

Democrats see an opportunity in the South's changing demographics particularly in states with growing Hispanic communities, lots of unregistered black voters and migration from other states.

New 15-Year Mortgage May Open Homeownership Door For More Buyers

The 30-year mortgage is the foundation of the real estate market. But some advocates are proposing a new type of 15-year loan that would allow people to own more of their home more quickly.

Understated Justice Department Lawyer Emerges As Key Player

Stuart Delery stayed out of the limelight even as he argued controversial cases. A recent promotion makes him the highest-ranking openly gay lawyer in the Justice Department.

Behind The Sunglasses: The Lives Of Secret Service Agents

This week, following a series of security lapses, the Secret Service director resigned. For a look at the agency beyond the scandal, author Ben Dolnick recommends the novel Big If by Mark Costello.

In New Video, Islamic State Beheads British Citizen

The video is made in the same style of others, and a masked man warns that the Sunni militant group has captured another American citizen.

After Losing Parents To Ebola, Orphans Face Stigma

UNICEF estimates that thousands of children in West Africa have lost parents to Ebola. Convincing communities to accept and care for these children isn't always easy.

What You Need To Know For Medicare Open Enrollment

There will be fewer plans to pick from this time around. But people can still expect plenty of options for prescriptions drugs and privately run insurance through Medicare Advantage.

Ebola virus image

Cobb County Inmate Tests Negative for Ebola

Officials say a man in police custody in Cobb County has undergone tests for the Ebola virus and initial results are negative for symptoms that are precursors for the illness.