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Debt Deal Could Hit State Budget

The debate over how to raise the federal debt ceiling could have big repercussions in Georgia. Political experts say, any deal to raise the limit likely would include big cuts to federal spending. Georgia relies on federal spending for everything from road construction to energy assistance.

Macon Primary Election Turns Ugly

Macon is holding a primary election on Tuesday. Several races without Republican challengers could be decided. Four Democrats want to become the next mayor.

'Caylee's Law' Gains Traction

A Georgia lawmaker wants limits on how long parents can wait to report a missing child. It's a response to the disappearance of Caylee Anthony.

Kemp Visits Disputed Border

Secretary of State Brian Kemp travelled to the disputed Bibb/Monroe County border today. The two counties cannot agree on who owns the land. At least a million dollars in tax revenue per year is at stake.

Isakson: 'Debt Deal Is Possible'

Georgia U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson says despite the theatrics of meetings, “a deal is possible” out of the debt reduction talks going on in Washington. On Thursday afternoon, key lawmakers and President Barack Obama were to head back for a fifth day of debt-limit negotiations.

Farm Groups Study Labor Shortage

Agriculture groups are launching a study of this spring’s labor shortage. They say the state’s new immigration law may have scared off migrant workers. The groups want to know the impact a smaller workforce had on harvest size.

Revenue Gains Close Fiscal Year

Georgia's net revenue rose $87.5 million in June, or 6.2 percent, as compared to net revenues in June 2010. Governor Nathan Deal's office reports the finish to the fiscal year caps a year of improvement in which all 12 months showed positive growth in monthly net collections relative to FY 2010.

New Congressional District A Political Prize

Georgia will gain a new Congressional district this year. That’s because the state added 1.5 million residents in the last decade. State lawmakers will determine the 14th district’s boundaries at a special legislative session in August. They haven’t said where the new district will go but one area in north Georgia has an edge.

New Hurdles For Transportation Tax

Support for a proposed 1-cent transportation sales tax could erode as some popular projects are eliminated from regional short lists. The measure is scheduled for a vote in July of next year.

Recyclers Wield Rarely-Used Power

Recycling advocates in Savannah's Chatham County are hoping to take advantage of a rarely-used power in the state constitution. They want to force a vote to start a curbside recycling program. Georgia's Constitution allows citizen-initiated ballot questions in certain, local cases.