Tom Barton of the Savannah Morning News talks with GPB's Sarah McCammon about the week's big news: runoff elections.
State lawmakers at the 11th hour agreed to a small change to state unemployment law. It will allow 22,000 Georgians to receive an additional 20 weeks of unemployment benefits.
Lawmakers finished up this year’s legislative session late Thursday night. But they will be back at the state Capitol this summer for a special session on redistricting. And Gov. Nathan Deal will decide what else is on the agenda.
The measure would require employers to check immigration status of employees. The bill allows police officers to check the immigration status of people stopped for traffic violations. It also forces many companies to check the citizenship of new...
The 2011 General Assembly wrapped up on midnight Thursday with numerous bills receiving final passage on the final day of the legislative session.
Unemployment benefits were extended for some Georgians in the final days of the legislative session.
A South Georgia Superior Court court judge is publicly confronting accusations made by public radio's This American Life. Host Ira Glass broadcast a report last month saying, Brunswick Judge Amanda Williams hands out drug court sentences not-...
Sine Die is here. Day 40 of the 40-day General Assembly session is underway from the state Capitol. And it’s the final day for lawmakers to pass bills that would then be sent to the Governor's desk for his signature.
A bill on its way to the governor's desk extends a sales tax exemption on airplane parts. But an amendment to the measure also gives tax breaks to developers of malls, amusement parks and resorts. Some economists say that's a waste of...
Republican lawmakers want Georgia to join with other states to assert each state’s right to regulate its healthcare industry. Today they passed a measure that will allow the state to enter a compact with others.
State lawmakers Thursday gave their final approval to a bill aimed at closing a loophole in the state's ethics law.