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Macon Voters Heading To Polls

Runoff election will decide next mayor and state senator. Early voter turnout has been heavy. Current mayor facing off against former mayor.

Special Session Starts

Legislators return to the state Capitol Monday for a special session to re-draw legislative maps. It will determine the lines of both state legislative and congressional districts. The process will affect how Georgians vote for the next ten years.

11th Circuit Strikes Health Care Mandate

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta ruled against a portion of the Affordable Care Act. By a 2 to 1 ruling, judges struck down the mandate that virtually all Americans must carry health insurance or face penalties. The judges ruled the mandate exceeded the government’s power to control interstate commerce.  

Reapportionment Maps Released

Maps detailing proposed changes to legislative districts are being made public. Lawmakers will begin a special session on Monday to make final decisions. Some lawmakers could lose seats.

Gas Tax On Special Session Agenda

Gov. Nathan Deal wants legislators to ratify his decision to temporarily suspend state gas tax increases. It would be part of the special session.

Augusta Doctors Sue Medicare

A group of primary care doctors in Augusta has filed a federal lawsuit against the agencies that oversee Medicare. The suit argues that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services is using an illegal system to decide Medicare payments to doctors. A spokesperson for the R-U-C said the committee only makes recommendations as any citizen has the right to do. Their recommendations are usually made public by the government.

Graves, Rogers Settle Loan Suit

A settlement has been reached in a lawsuit accusing U.S. Rep. Tom Graves and state Sen. Chip Rogers of defaulting on a $2.3 million loan to buy and renovate a Calhoun motel.

Regions Propose Transportation Wish Lists

Northwest Georgia and Atlanta regional officials are scheduled to propose their wish lists for a possible transportation tax Thursday. And with that, all of Georgia's twelve transportation regions will have wish lists ready to show voters. The lists detail how officials plan to spend a proposed penny sales tax for road and other projects.

Lawsuit Challenges Fayette Co. Voting

NAACP Legal Defense Fund suing Fayette County. They are asking for county to be split into districts. They say county-wide elections are unfair.

Transportation Tax Vote in Special Session

Gov. Nathan Deal officially issued the call for the special legislative session on redistricting Wednesday. And when legislators return to the state Capitol Monday, they will also tackle changing the date of a regional transportation tax vote.