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Death Warrant Revives Execution Debate

A Chatham County judge signed a death warrant Tuesday for Troy Anthony Davis. Convicted of killing a Savannah police officer in 1989, this is Davis' fourth death warrant. But he's avoided execution because of questions about his guilt. Experts say, the case highlights problems in the judicial system.

Radio Host Bids For Congress

A conservative radio show host from Gainesville filed paperwork Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission to run for Georgia's new congressional seat. Martha Zoller said, through a spokesman Wednesday, she will remain on the air until next spring when she qualifies as a candidate with Georgia officials. Zoller hosts a daily talk radio show on WXKT-FM, owned by Cox Radio, and is syndicated across Georgia.

Shadow Joblessness Plagues Georgia

State officials said Wednesday that the Lowe’s retail chain will open a distribution center in Rome that will employ 600 people. But it’ll do little to help 350,000 Georgians who have given up looking for full-time work.

Bibb Could Get Nonpartisan Elections

Several Bibb County officials want their offices to be nonpartisan. Past efforts to make changes have failed. New leadership could boost chances of measure passing.

Republican Supermajority On Horizon

Under the new redistricting maps, Republicans could have a super-majority in both chambers of the state legislature after the 2012 general election. A super-majority makes it easier for the ruling party to amend the state’s constitution.

Top Court Removes Judge

The state Supreme Court has ordered that Catoosa County Magistrate Court Judge Anthony Peters be permanently removed from office. The court issued a unanimous opinion on Tuesday saying it agrees with the recommendation of the Judicial Qualifications Commission and ordered Peters removed from the bench and barred from ever holding judicial office in Georgia.

Georgia Eyes Early Presidential Primary

The U.S. Justice Department this week approved a law giving Georgia’s secretary of state the power to set presidential primary dates. The approval puts the state in the middle of a national battle for power and influence. Georgia officials want the state to hold earlier primaries to gain more influence on presidential elections.

Dems Weigh Next Steps on Maps

Georgia’s new election district maps will soon head to the federal government for approval. Gov. Nathan Deal and other Republican lawmakers are deciding how to submit the maps. Democrats are also weighing their options.

Georgia's Democratic Future?

Republican lawmakers have drawn redistricting maps that solidify their majorities in the state House and Senate. But Georgia’s changing demographics won’t guarantee that majority forever.

New Congressional Seat Draws Candidates

A Republican state lawmaker with ties to Gov. Nathan Deal says he will run for Georgia's newest congressional seat. State Rep. Doug Collins, of Gainesville, is serving his third term in the state House and served as one of the governor's floor leaders, sponsoring Deal's proposal to revamp the HOPE scholarship.