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VIDEO: Glimpse The History Of Life In A Beer

It took more than a billion years of evolution to yield the biology behind a beer. Here, we bring you a video celebration of the science in a cold one.

Bedbugs, Lava And Bowling Balls: Inside My Homeowners Insurance Policy

What the fine print in my policy says about how insurance works.

ISIS Captives Tell Of Rapes And Beatings, Plead For Help

Activists say militants are holding hundreds, perhaps thousands of Yazidi women in northern Iraq. The women make contact through secret phones; some men have been killed or beaten trying to save them.

Diamonds. Photo: Ayswaryak

SCAD Professor: Diamonds Hold Value, Meaning Beyond Their Price

SCAD professor Susan Falls discusses her book on how we attach meaning to diamonds

Hartsfield-Jackson Still Rules The Air For Atlanta-Area Fliers, But Others Trying To Create Alternative

Chicago has two. So does Washington, Houston, Dallas and Miami. New York has three big ones, and several smaller ones. But why is Atlanta the only top 10 US Metro area with one passenger airport?

The Cycling Desk: Work Out And Charge Your Phone During A Trip

Stationary bikes that power your gadgets as you pedal are this week's innovation pick. They've already appeared in railway stations and airports in Europe and may be for sale later this year.

Middle Georgia Events For October

Y-O Lattimore shares her list of "must do's" in Macon.

Liberia, U.S. Hospital Both Say Ebola Patient Lied About Exposure

African officials say they will prosecute Thomas Eric Duncan for failing to disclose at the airport his contact with an Ebola patient a fact the hospital treating him said also was hidden from them.

Ukraine Rebels Break Truce To Make Push For Donetsk Airport

Kiev's forces and pro-Russia separatists have resumed fighting over the government-held airport.

Officials: 100 'Potential Contacts' Linked To Dallas Ebola Patient

Texas health officials say that "out of an abundance of caution, we're starting with this very wide net," and that it's very unlikely that anyone on the list will develop Ebola.