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Just Who Is This Opera Star Singing At The World Series Tonight?

Joyce DiDonato a Kansas native and lifelong Royals fan happens to be one of the world's greatest opera singers. Here's what makes her so extraordinary.

Why It's OK To Worry About Ebola, And What's Truly Scary

Public health officials are telling us not to freak out about Ebola in the United States. But fear is what motivates people to protect themselves from danger. When should we worry?

Apps Aim To Guide You On 'Sustainable Food' (Whatever That Means)

Consumers who care about how their food is produced have a growing number of apps they can turn to at the supermarket. The problem? Nailing down just what sustainability means when it comes to food.

What A Brush With SARS Taught A Doctor About Ebola

A young doctor put on a protective suit so he could examine a man who might be sick with SARS. It was hard to tell who was more frightened: the doctor or the patient.

Unlikely Marriage Of Diseases: TB And Diabetes Form A 'Co-Epidemic'

The risk of developing tuberculosis soars when someone has diabetes. The threat of a double pandemic is a challenge for the medical profession, where different docs typically treat each disease.

The Campaign That Seems More Crime Drama Than Congressional Race

When he was an undercover FBI agent, Michael Grimm adopted the persona of "Mikey Suits" to catch alleged mobsters. Now a congressman from Staten Island, Grimm is the target of tax evasion charges.

Watchdog Says Feds Shouldn't Have Let Man Take Grenade Parts To Mexico

The case, in which agents watched a man to go through with potentially illegal, is reminiscent of the gun-walking scandal that plagued the ATF for years.

Can Shows Like 'The McCarthys' Replace CBS' 'Thursday Night Football'?

Tonight marks the return of scripted programming on CBS after seven weeks of Thursday Night Football, including a new show, The McCarthys, that should have been left in the locker room.