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The U.S. Ebola Hospitals In Liberia Are Going Up ... Slowly

Last month, the U.S. promised to build treatment centers for health care workers and for the general public. Our photo gallery checks in on the progress thus far.

In South Georgia, Flu Shots And A Lesson In Disaster Preparation

It’s not unusual for county health departments to hold drive-thru flu shot clinics. But in Worth County, in South Georgia, their drive-thru clinic also serves as an exercise in disaster preparedness.

Female Heads Of Household (And Hair) Reveal Afghanistan's Drug Use

A new study of drug use in Afghanistan, relying on information from female heads of households and confirmed by lab tests, shows that 1 in 20 Afghans are using prescription or illicit drugs.

How Justice Sotomayor Is 'Busting' The Supreme Court's Steady Rhythms

Longtime Supreme Court reporter Joan Biskupic's new book on Justice Sonia Sotomayor reflects on the nation's first Latina justice.

Reviewing The 4 Gay Marriage Cases The High Court Tacitly Endorsed

All four cases relied on the Constitution's Equal Protection Clause to invalidate state bans on gay marriage. For now, the Supreme Court gave a tacit nod to the legal reasoning.