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Health Care Waiver Decision Delayed

The US Health and Human Services Department will take another 30 days to decide whether Georgia can phase in a key provision of health care reform more slowly. Georgia officials wants Georgia exempt from a part of the law until 2014. The provision requires insurance firms to spend no more than 20% of individual premiums on administration and certain other costs.

Redistricting Maps Go to Court

Georgia will see approval for its new state and congressional district maps by submitting them to a federal court. The state will simultaneously submit the maps to Pres. Obama's Justice Department.

Jail Mail Goes ‘Postcards Only’

New jail policy limits inmate mail to postcards. Authorities say inmates at the Troup County Jail can no longer receive enveloped letters from loved ones.

Civil Rights Leader Dead At 90

Civil rights leader the Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth, who was hailed by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. for his courage and energy, has died. He was 89. The former truck driver studied religion at night and became pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala., in 1953. Soon after he became an outspoken leader in the fight for racial equality.

Guns In Churches Ban Challenged

A federal appeals court is set to consider whether Georgia's ban on guns in places of worship is constitutional. The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta will hear arguments Thursday on whether the 2010 law violates the First Amendment's religious freedom protections. The challenge was brought by The gun rights group maintains that religious institutions should be allowed to decide whether to allow firearms inside.

Wall Street Protest Moves South

As the "Occupy Wall Street" movement moves into its third week, it is spreading to Georgia. Groups have formed in Athens, Atlanta, Columbus and Savannah. Demonstrations planned for later this week.

Citizens Demand Ogeechee Oversight

People living along the Ogeechee River in South Georgia are demanding third party oversight of the waterway. They don’t trust the Environmental Protection Division to oversee a company that was illegally polluting the river for years. After a massive fish kill in May, the EPD found King America Finishing Company had been dumping flame retardant into the river illegally for five years.

Georgia High Court Upholds Execution Stay

The Georgia Supreme Court Wednesday rejected a motion by prosecutors who want the execution of a convicted murderer to go forward. The court issued a unanimous decision dismissing the motion filed by prosecutors involving the execution of Marcus Ray Johnson.

Survey Documents Crop Losses

A University of Georgia survey estimates that the state’s fruit and vegetable farmers saw at least $70 million in crop losses in the spring.

Johnson Gets Stay Of Execution

Marcus Ray Johnson was set to be executed Wednesday for a murder in 1994. Albany Superior Court Judge scedules a new hearing for February 2012. New evidence for defense key in decision.