The survey—administered by Costas Spirou, chair of GCSU's Department of Government and Sociology—asked 500 people via cell phone and landline which party they want leading the state in the next four years.
Senate Democrats are touting a unified, harmonious party after the election of two new leaders.
Former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue said this week the state might face some unintended consequences with its new immigration law. He said he wanted Georgia to be known as a state that was friendly and welcoming to people.
The top staffer of the state ethics commission is resigning after the panel voted to slash her salary. The five-member panel on Friday voted to cut Executive Secretary Stacey Kalberman's salary to no more than $85,000 and eliminate the No. 2...
Gov. Nathan Deal says he will support a proposed state constitutional amendment that would permit a state commission to approve the formation of charter schools. Deal said Friday in Savannah that the future of charter schools will be a major...
Mexico and 10 other countries have filed amicus briefs in a lawsuit that asks a judge to declare Georgia's new immigration law unconstitutional and to block it from being enforced. The lawsuit was filed two weeks ago by civil liberties groups.
The state Department of Transportation says less money than expected will come in from a proposed transportation sales tax. New projections are down about three percent.
Starting Wednesday, you can download an app for your iPhone, iPod or iPad to connect with U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.). It features his latest videos, photos and news.
Georgia lawmakers will return to the state Capitol this summer for a special session to re-draw legislative maps. But there are also other potential agenda items.
Four more Georgia counties have begun sharing biometric information with federal immigration authorities to help identify criminal immigrants.
The top two people in charge at the state’s ethics agency are on their way out. The board of the state ethics commission says it’s restructuring to save money. Critics say it’s the latest move to dis-empower the commission.