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Campaign Energizes Latino Voters

A statewide Latino organization is launching a campaign to increase voter registration and turnout. And organizers say opposition to Georgia’s new immigration law will bring out Hispanic voters for next year’s state and federal elections.

Court Hears Transgender Case

A former Georgia state legislative aide who was fired amid her sex change said she was encouraged Thursday after several federal appeals court judges suggested they could rule in her favor.

Unemployment Bill May Violate Law

A new bill would require unemployed Georgians to volunteer at non-profit organizations or risk losing jobless benefits. But that likely violates federal law.

Film Debuts On World AIDS Day

The focus on prevention may be becoming even more important.

Kemp Ends County Border Dispute

Secretary of State Brian Kemp has dismissed Monroe County's effort to appeal the findings in its border dispute with Bibb County.

Savannah Mayoral Race: GPB Interviews

Savannah residents will go to the polls on December 6th to determine which of two sitting City Council members will lead the coastal city for the next four years. GPB's Savannah reporter Orlando Montoya spoke with both candidates and presents their interviews in two posts. In both interviews, candidates Jeff Felser and Edna Jackson take questions for about 20 minutes.

Savannah Lawmakers Back Drug Testing

Two Savannah state lawmakers say, if Georgia's going to drug-test welfare recipients, the state should test policians, as well. Democrat Bob Bryant and Republican Ron Stephens made the comments Wednesday. Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce officials are supporting a bill that would require people to pass a drug test before taking unemployment benefits.

Sanford Bishop Will Run Again

U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop has announced plans to seek an 11th term in Congress representing the second Congressional district in southwest Georgia. Bishop, who serves on three subcommittees of the House Appropriations Committee, narrowly avoided being unseated during his last attempt at re-election when Coolidge Republican Mike Keown provided the strongest challenge yet to defeating the long-time Democrat.

Lawmakers Review Child Abuse Laws

A longtime Warner Robins football booster and former announcer is jailed in Houston County on child molestation charges. It’s the latest allegation in a football season with child sex abuse investigations at Penn State and Syracuse University. Those cases have Georgia lawmakers looking at the state’s child-abuse reporting laws.

Haley Speaks On Savannah Port

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley says, she was misinterpreted last year when she seemed to soothe opponents of Savannah harbor deepening. Some South Carolinians see Savannah's proposed port expansion as a threat to Charleston's port. Her words last year came up this week when reporters asked her about a permit South Carolina recently gave to Georgia's project.