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These Kids Grew Up With The Woods As Their Only Classroom

Ben Hewitt's sons do not follow standardized curriculum; there are no tests or grades. He is a member of the "unschooling" movement.

A Runoff Election In November? That’s A Real Possibility

With Labor Day behind us, football is back and political campaigns are starting the sprint to Election Day. But for the top two political contests this year in Georgia, Nov. 4 may not be the end of the campaigns. That’s because few are ruling out that the races for Georgia’s Governor and the U.S. Senate won’t go to a runoff. And depending on the outcome, that could stretch the election season into the next calendar year. To avoid a runoff, Georgia’s Republican Governor Nathan Deal will have to pull more than 50 percent of the vote on Election Day. The same holds true for either Democrat Michelle Nunn or Republican David Perdue, who are vying for the open U.S. Senate seat that Saxby Chambliss is vacating.

Remembering Shacki: Liberia's Accidental Ebola Victim

Shacki Kamara went out to buy his aunt some tea. Then she heard from the neighborhood kids: "They shot Shacki." He died the next day. Eva Nah is still asking why.

Dry, Scratchy Eyes? Staring At Screens Is Driving This Trend

It used to be that dry-eye syndrome was considered a problem for middle-aged women. But with all those screens we're staring at, that nasty sandy feeling is becoming much more common.

Appeals Court Strikes Wisconsin And Indiana Same-Sex-Marriage Bans

The judge said that the states had given the court "no reasonable basis" for forbidding same-sex marriage.

More Homes Go Smoke-Free, But Exposure Remains A Health Threat

People are getting the message about the dangers of secondhand smoke at home, a CDC study says. But half of smokers still light up in the house, putting the health of relatives and friends at risk.

Hacker Breached HealthCare.Gov

A statement from the Department of Health and Human Services said a hacker uploaded malware onto the website's test servers. No data was taken.

Job Growth Continues At Healthy Pace, Survey Finds

For the fifth straight month private companies added more than 200,000 jobs, according to the ADP National Employment Report. That's usually enough to keep pushing down the unemployment rate.

How Do We Stop Ebola? WHO Declares War On The Virus

Over the next six months, about 20,000 people will get Ebola. Half will likely die. To stop the virus, the World Health Organization says it needs thousands of health care workers and $600 million.

Deal With It, Headbangers Babymetal Is Here

Like it or not, Babymetal a trio of teenage Japanese singers who fuse bubbly pop with heavy riffs is one of the biggest stories in heavy metal in 2014.