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Redistricting Map Review Underway

Georgians have until Dec. 23 to comment on new state and congressional district maps. The U.S. Department of Justice is in the midst of its 60 day-review of the maps. Voter advocate groups say this may be the last chance to comment before the maps go into effect for a decade.

Court Backs Execution Standards

A federal appeals court has ruled that death penalty defendants in Georgia will have to prove they are mentally disabled beyond a reasonable doubt to avoid execution, the most stringent legal standard in the nation. The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision Tuesday said it couldn't strike down the Georgia law because the U.S. Supreme Court empowered each state to create its own definition for the mentally disabled.

Expanding Plant Vogtle Costlier

Georgia Power executives say construction costs for the planned expansion of Plant Vogtle are $42 million over budget. The overall project, however, is $18 million underbudget because of lower financing costs.

Episcopal Church Wins Ruling

Georgia's highest court has sided with the national Episcopal Church in a property dispute with the oldest church in Georgia. The Georgia Supreme Court voted 6-to-1 to uphold a lower court's October 2009 ruling confirming the national Episcopal Church's claim to historic Christ Church in Savannah. The dispute arose after members of the local congregation decided in 2007 to leave the Episcopal Church, which they said was straying from Biblical teachings.

Columbus Wants In On Rail Talk

Columbus leaders do not want to be left out of Georgia’s passenger rail discussion. So Mayor Teresa Tomlinson is creating a Mayor’s Commission on Passenger Rail to make sure Columbus is not forgotten. Tomlinson’s commission will be charged with finding out if the community wants rail and its potential impact on the area.

Georgia Has 'Personhood' Bills

A Democratic state lawmaker plans to propose a constitutional amendment that would define a fertilized human egg as a person. A Republican state legislator filed a similar bill earlier this year. One of the sponsors says he’s taking into consideration the

Panel Tackles Overcrowded Jails

A panel created to overhaul the state's tough sentencing laws has released a report suggesting alternative programs for certain nonviolent offenders and more community-based supervision to reduce growing corrections spending.

Georgia Debate Could Sway Votes

Georgia Republicans announced late Monday they will co-host a presidential candidate debate in Atlanta just before Georgia’s primary. If it’s a close race, the bump candidates have been getting from strong debate performances could be a big factor in who wins primaries in those states, according to political scientist Kerwin Swint.

Commission Searches For Fitting Tribute

The Southwest Georgia Regional Airport could soon bear Johnson’s name

Bill Overhauls Immigrant Worker Program

Two Georgia Congressmen have proposed a bill to overhaul a federal foreign guest worker program that many farmers use. The bill comes following labor shortages during the spring harvest, and it’s designed to make the program easier to use.