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The Cold War Broadcast That Gave East German Dissidents A Voice

In the final years before the Berlin Wall fell, East Germans described their grievances on cassette tapes that were smuggled to West Berlin and then broadcast back to the east on Radio Glasnost.

Loretta Lynch To Be Nominated As Next U.S. Attorney General

A lead federal prosecutor in New York City, Lynch will be introduced by President Obama at the White House on Saturday. Her office has handled old-school Mafia busts, cutting edge cybercrime and more.

'Occupy The Farm': In Berkeley, The Revolution Will Be Irrigated

A new documentary film follows protesters who occupied a research farm owned by the University of California. The film has become a symbol of the subversive possibilities of urban farming.

Hello 'Car Talk,' I Need A Good Car To Get Around Africa

It's not just American drivers who are mourning the death of Car Talk co-host Tom Magliozzi. He reached a global audience as well.

Tech Week: The New U.S. CTO, Silk Road 2.0, Amazon Echoes Siri

A profile of the new U.S. technology chief , how the FBI took down the latest online bazaar for black market goods, and the other tech headlines you need to read, all in this week's roundup.

Republican Ed Gillespie Concedes Virginia Senate Race

He told supporters in Springfield, Va., that the gap in the number of votes between him and the Democratic incumbent, Sen. Mark Warner, had grown and "I know that a change in outcome is not possible."

Capitalism Is Making China Richer, But Not Democratic

The U.S. thought trade and investment would eventually make China more democratic. In fact, it's had the opposite effect: creating a rich, authoritarian leadership class that remains repressive.

'Chief Resilience Officers' Could Help Cities Cope With Calamity

The Rockefeller Foundation will pay 100 cities to hire people who can help them prepare for future shocks and stresses.

As A New 'Doctor Who' Season Ends, Have Its Stories Matched The Hero?

Britain's Doctor Who series finishes its first season with new hero Peter Capaldi on Saturday. TV critic Eric Deggans says Capaldi's portrayal of the Doctor is often better than the stories he's in.

This Is An Orchestra Under The Influence Of Chili Peppers

Each musician ate one of "the world's hottest chili peppers" whole, before continuing to play a famous tango.