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Counties Enforce Immigration Law

Georgia cities and counties are preparing to comply with the state’s new immigration law. That will mean proving, among other things, they aren’t issuing contracts to companies that employ illegal immigrants. Some of the law’s provisions go into effect this weekend.

Sports Hall Of Fame Deal Close

Georgia Sports Hall of Fame boosters waiting for state to sign lease agreement. Newtown Macon will officially run the facility once the deal is signed by the state. Efforts to save the Music Hall of Fame failed.

Law Enforcement Deaths Up

Georgia tied for fourth this year in fatalities among law enforcement officers. Officer deaths in the line of duty are up here and across the country.

Poll: Georgians Oppose Heavier Trucks

Georgia voters overwhelmingly reject the idea of allowing heavier trucks on the nation’s highways. A survey from AAA comes as Congress debates increasing tractor-trailer weight limits from 80,000 to 90,000 pounds. The auto club’s says, 71% of Georgia voters oppose the proposal, mostly on safety grounds.

Bibb Lawmakers Prepare For Consolidation Push

Lawmakers are preparing new legislation on consolidation. Past efforts have failed. Changes in leadership make merging city and county more likely.

Stricter Rules For Golf Carts

Golf cart owners wishing to drive on roadways will have to meet new standards. Vehicles will have separate classification. Carts will need to have reverse warning systems, horns, and hip restraints.

Supporters Of Horse Racing Confident

When the legislature reconvenes in January supporters of horse racing plan new push. They want voters to decide if they want racing in their communities. Measure could go to voters in 2012.

Olens Vows To Defend Redistricting

Georgia's Attorney General, he's ready to go to court over Georgia's redistricting maps. Democrats promise to fight the maps pre-approved Friday by the Obama administration. Black and Latino lawmakers say, the new boundaries dilute their voting strength. Olens says, he can prove the opposite in court.

Bill Adds 'In God We Trust' To Car Tags

A group of Georgia state senators wants your car’s license plate to carry the nation’s motto -- “In God We Trust” -- in place of a county name. The change would reverse a system currently in place where drivers can buy a sticker with the motto on it to use in place of their county’s name.

LNG Critics Raise New Concern

Activists seeking to stop trucks filled with liquefied natural gas from rumbling down Savannah streets are making a new argument to federal regulators. The claim is in response to El Paso Corporation's request to truck LNG through Savannah to serve domestic markets. Activists say, they have uncovered evidence that suggest the company actually wants to export LNG overseas.