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In Brazil, Race Is A Matter Of Life And Violent Death

In 2012, 56,337 people were murdered in Brazil. But that figure hides a color-coded truth: Homicide rates are actually way down if you're white. If you're black? Murder rates are up 40 percent.

New MLB Rule Cuts Home Plate Crashes, But Not Catcher Concussions

Major League Baseball is reviewing its controversial Rule 7.13, which bans most home plate collisions. Catchers actually face a bigger head-injury risk that the rule can't prevent.

Obese Women Make Less Money, Work More Physically Demanding Jobs

A 65 percent increase in a woman's weight is associated with a 9-percent drop in earnings. A recent study investigated what's behind that "obesity penalty," and why it hits women harder than men.

Reggae Vibe, Ebola Message: African Superstars Try To Go Viral

They're some of the most popular musicians in West Africa, joining voices to sing (mainly in French but also in some local languages) about defeating an "invisible enemy."

The Cold War 'Mole' Who Smuggled 1,000 East Germans To The West

Hasso Herschel fled East Germany in 1961 on a false passport. Over the next decade, he helped more than 1,000 East Germans flee by smuggling them through tunnels or by hiding them inside cars.

Two Americans Held In North Korea Are Back On U.S. Soil

Kenneth Bae, a Christian missionary detained in late 2012, and Matthew Todd Miller, arrested in North Korea earlier this year, came home Saturday.

Atlanta Symphony orchestra directed by Robert Spano.

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Players Ratify New Contract

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra management has announced agreement with its players on a four-year contract and says the orchestra's 70th anniversary season will open Thursday.

As GOP Swept Congress, Black Republicans Took Home Historic Wins

The Republican Party made striking gains during the midterm elections. Among their victories were three wins by black Republicans, who seem to be building momentum for diversifying the GOP ranks.

Obama Nominates Loretta Lynch For Attorney General Post

The president officially nominates the U.S. Attorney from New York's Eastern District to replace outgoing Eric Holder as head of the Justice Department.

5th Teen Dies From Injuries In Oct. 24 Wash. School Shooting

A cousin of shooter Jaylen Fryberg died after a weeks-long battle against injuries sustained in the incident, a local hospital says.