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Sloppy Splinting Can Make A Child's Broken Arm Much Worse

A pediatrician who specializes in fixing broken bones in kids and teens says about 90 percent of the fractures he treats have been splinted improperly in a community ER or urgent care center first.

A Surprise Senate Battleground: South Dakota

Democrats and pro-campaign-finance reform Mayday PAC are promising to spend $1 million each to defeat former GOP Gov. Mike Rounds.

Labor Secretary Eyed As White House Searches To Replace Attorney General

The White House effort to replace Attorney General Eric Holder is happening largely in the shadows. But Labor Secretary Thomas Perez is emerging as a top candidate for the post.

Oregon First Lady Sorry For 'Marriage Of Convenience' With Green Card Seeker

In 1997, Cylvia Hayes received money to marry an Ethiopian who wanted a green card. Her fiance, Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber, is seeking a fourth term. She says he didn't know of the marriage.

Authorities Find Four New Mass Graves In Mexico

It's still unclear whether the bodies that have been found belong to the 43 students who went missing nearby.

32 Myths About The Flu Vaccine You Don't Need To Fear

Vaccination isn't a perfect defense against flu. But vaccines remain the most reliable way to reduce the risk from an illness that causes thousands of deaths in the U.S. during a typical flu season.

Microsoft CEO Nadella's Remarks Add To Tech's Sexism Problem

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is facing public criticism after his comments suggesting that women should not ask for raises. But they also underscore questions about tech's male-dominated culture.

When Holding An Orphaned Baby Can Mean Contracting Ebola

Anne Purfield and Michelle Dynes, epidemiologists at the CDC, recently spent several weeks in Sierra Leone. The Ebola epidemic, they explain, has taken a heavy toll on local health care workers.