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Deal To Tackle Medical Marijuana, Foster Care

Governor Nathan Deal will announce what his office called “paths forward” this afternoon for cannabis oil and a foster care pilot project. A media advisory on the Governor’s news conference was vague, but many activists have called for Deal to take executive action after lawmakers failed to pass legislation addressing both issues this session.

In Georgia, Women Make More Than The National Average- Unless They Are Latino Or Black

A bill making it harder for employers to pay women less than men in comparable jobs died in the U.S. Senate Wednesday when Senate Republicans derailed the Paycheck Fairness Act, a Democratic bill curbing paycheck discrimination against women. A new study finds that nationally, women in full-time jobs earn 77 cents on average for every dollar men make.

Gun Bill: Some Small Changes, Some Large Ones

One of the most controversial bills awaiting Governor Nathan Deal’s signature is one that would expand where guns can be carried. The bill took a circuitous path through the legislature, picking up provisions, then losing them. Later two gun bills were combined, and the measure went back and forth between the two chambers. So what would the new law look like? It might be easier to start with what it won’t include: a provision known as campus carry. Gun advocates have been pushing for the right to bring firearms on university campuses. But college presidents, the state’s Board of Regents and others oppose that provision, and it was dropped.

Guns In Houses Of Worship: One Muslim Clergy's Perspective

Among the bills awaiting Gov. Nathan Deal’s signature is the so-called ‘guns evs in the sanctuary. Many Christian and Jewish clergy spoke out against the bill at the state Caerywhere’ bill. The bill wouldn’t actually allow guns everywhere. But it would allow houses of worship to decide if they wanted to allow gunpitol this year. The Muslim clergy’s perspective on the issue has been heard less. Nadim Ali is the imam at the Community Masjid Atlanta. In an extended conversation, he told GPB’s Jeanne Bonner that his mosque has security personnel who carry guns and also has signs posted saying guns are not allowed in the sanctuary.

Moral Mondays Georgia: Same Battles, New Protests

Hundreds of protesters met outside Governor Nathan Deal’s office Tuesday morning to present a petition calling for Deal to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. The group is part of a movement called “Moral Mondays,” which started in North Carolina with a similar goal. The Georgia group organized several events during this the legislative session, but this protest was the first one since lawmakers adjourned. GPB reporter Claire Simms has been following Moral Mondays Georgia activities since this year’s session. She joined All Things Considered host Ellen Reinhardt to discuss Tuesday’s protest.

Governor Deal Distances Himself From Verdict In Ethics Commission Trial

Reporters gathered at Middle Georgia Regional Airport asked Deal about the ruling Sunday morning when he briefly touched down to sign a bill making changes to the Macon-Bibb County Community Enhancement Authority.

Key Part Of Hospital Provider Fee Still Unresolved

Last year, a bill that would renew a financing mechanism for the state’s Medicaid program hurtled irresistibly through the Georgia General Assembly. Gov. Nathan Deal signed it into law almost as soon as it was passed. The main part of the provider fee was eventually approved by the feds last year. But a second part of that provider fee, aimed at helping hospitals that were financial “losers’’ under the original distribution formula, has still not been approved.

Chatham County Manager Nominee Says He's Learned From Problems At Previous Job

Lee Smith recently stepped down as manager of a county in North Carolina.

Cagle: Don't Prosecute Families With Marijuana Derivative

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle said Wednesday that parents in Georgia should not have to fear prosecution if they use medical marijuana derivatives to treat their children who suffer from intractable seizures. He called on the state’s prosecutors not to charge families who possess the derivative.

Defense Attorney: Georgia Anti-Gang Law Holds People Guilty By Association

Bibb County District Attorney David Cooke is on the warpath against Macon's violent street gangs, but some defense attorneys say the statute at the core of Cooke's new strategy can be used to curtail a defendant's right to a fair trial.