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WATCH LIVE: President Obama’s Address To The Nation On The Islamic State

President Obama will address the nation tonight at 9 p.m. He will outline his strategy to combat the Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. Watch the PBS NewsHour live stream here.

In Macon, Legislators Hear Arguments For Medical Marijuana In Georgia

Legislators are considering arguments in favor of medical marijuana in Georgia. At an open hearing at Mercer University Wednesday, people got a chance to tell a panel of lawmakers why they think the time to legalize medical marijuana is right. About 14 people spoke to the panel at the second of five planned open hearings.

Who Should Have Medical Marijuana In Georgia?

Katie Crosby has lived with chronic pain for years. She feels that the lives of people like here need to be considered in the Georgia medical marijuana debate.

Another Georgia Ethics Chief Gone

Georgia’s ethics commission has fired another executive secretary. The commission voted 4-0 to dismiss Holly LaBerge after a judge ruled last week she had failed to produce documents in a whistleblower lawsuit filed by the previous director of the ethics commission.

Macon&Eggs for Monday, September 8th: The War In Iraq And Navicent

Each week journalists Leah Fleming of GPB Macon and Charles Richardson, editorial page editor at The Telegraph serve up Macon and Eggs, a weekly chat about hot topics on the minds of Middle Georgians.

Meet Andrew Hunt, Libertarian Candidate For Governor Of Georgia

Two of Georgia’s gubernatorial candidates, Republican Gov. Nathan Deal, and Democrat Jason Carter, have made national headlines. But there’s also a third candidate, Libertarian Andrew Hunt. Hunt has received much less publicity but may play a critical role. He is an Atlanta engineer with 50 patents who was CEO of a nanotech firm. Hunt says there’s not enough diversity among elected officials. Occupational diversity, that is. Notably, both Deal and Carter are attorneys. According to recent polls, Hunt is drawing about 6 percent of the vote in the race, which appears likely to go to a runoff. GPB News reporter Jeanne Bonner sat down with Hunt to talk about the upcoming election, his plans for education, and the value of a candidate that isn’t a career politician.

This Week In The News With Tom Barton: Tackling Alcohol Rules And Blight In Savannah

This week Tom Barton of the Savannah Morning News talks with GPB's Sarah McCammon about proposed changes to Savannah's alcohol rules, and efforts to address blight.

A Runoff Election In November? That’s A Real Possibility

With Labor Day behind us, football is back and political campaigns are starting the sprint to Election Day. But for the top two political contests this year in Georgia, Nov. 4 may not be the end of the campaigns. That’s because few are ruling out that the races for Georgia’s Governor and the U.S. Senate won’t go to a runoff. And depending on the outcome, that could stretch the election season into the next calendar year. To avoid a runoff, Georgia’s Republican Governor Nathan Deal will have to pull more than 50 percent of the vote on Election Day. The same holds true for either Democrat Michelle Nunn or Republican David Perdue, who are vying for the open U.S. Senate seat that Saxby Chambliss is vacating.

CDC Head: Ebola Outbreak An 'Epidemic'

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has become the first epidemic of the disease the world has seen in the virus’s 40-year history. That’s according to comments Tuesday from the head of the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC director Tom Frieden said governments and private sector organizations aren’t responding fast enough to quell West Africa’s Ebola outbreak. He said the disease is spreading so quickly that healthcare workers and government officials can’t keep up with the number of newly infected patients or the burials. And that’s hampering attempts to contain the outbreak, despite deep expertise on what needs to be done.

Tom Barton is the editorial page editor for the Savannah Morning News

This Week With Tom Barton: Labor Day And It's Off To The (Political) Races

Tom Barton of the Savannah Morning News talks with GPB's Sarah McCammon about the impending election season ... and a little Civil War history.