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Public Service Commission

The Georgia Public Service Commission regulates electric, natural gas, and telecommunication rates in order to provide a fair balance of affordable rates for citizens, while allowing utilities firms to earn return on investment. The commission has both legislative and judicial powers.

Five elected commissioners compose the GPSC. Each commissioner represents a district, but the entire state votes on each position. The commissioners serve staggered 6-year terms. They are assisted by experts in utilities and telecommunications that provide suggestions for establishing rates. The commission does not regulate municipally owned utilities companies, but those companies due consult with the commission in regards to finance and territorial disputes.

District 1: Doug Everett

District 2: Bobby Baker

  • Libertarian Candidate: - Jim Sendelbach

    District 3: Chuck Eaton

    District 4: Lauren “Bubba” McDonald, Jr.

    District 5: Stan Wise

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