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Insurance Commissioner

This office protects the rights of Georgia’s citizens in their insurance claims and helps mediate between insurance companies and residents of Georgia. The Georgia Insurance Commissioner is also Industrial Loan Commissioner, Safety Fire Commissioner, and Comptroller General.

The Insurance Department regulates insurance companies authorized to do business in the state of Georgia, including examining financial condition, licensing of companies and agents, collection of premium taxes, examining policy forms changes, investigating claim complaints and other related activities.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for inspection of various public buildings which come under the jurisdiction of state fire safety laws. Inspectors and investigators also oversee the manufactured housing industry, regulate certain hazardous materials, aid local officials in arson investigations and promote fire safety education.

The Industrial Loan Division regulates small loan companies which make consumer loans under the Georgia Industrial Loan Act ($3000 or less that must be repaid within 36 months, 15 days).

As Comptroller General, the Commissioner must determine whether appropriate state funds are properly deposited in the State's General Fund, and that expenditures by the various state agencies do not exceed the amounts authorized by the state legislature.

Democratic Candidate:

  • Mary Squires

Republican Candidate:

  • Ralph Hudgens

Libertarian Candidate:

  • Shane Bruce
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