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The governor is chief executive of the state and serves as the political & ceremonial head of Georgia. The position of state governor wields much power, but is balanced by the power of the state’s congress. The powers of the governor are similar to that of president, but scaled back to a state level. The governor is commander-in-chief of the state’s military forces, has power to veto legislation, and is allowed to fill vacant positions in the Georgia Senate or House of Representatives. All state budget decisions fall under the power of the governor.

Gubernatorial candidates must be at least 30 years of age, a US citizen for 15 years, and resident of Georgia for 6 years. The governor of Georgia serves a term of four years. A candidate may serve two consecutive terms, but then must vacate the office for at least one term before running for the office again. In the event that governor dies or is unable to fulfill their duties, the lieutenant governor succeeds them until the next election.

Georgia’s founder, James Oglethorpe never held the official title, but he is considered to be the first governor of the state. John A. Treutlen was the state’s first official governor after British rule ended.

Democratic Candidate:

  • Roy Barnes

Republican Candidate:

  • Nathan Deal

Libertarian Candidate:

  • John Monds
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