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Congressional Representative

Congressmen represent the needs and concerns constituents in the districts they represent. During legislative periods, the members of Congress introduce, revise, and vote on bills or laws. The congressional representatives provide a voice in our nation’s capital for their constituents from across the country. The state of Georgia has 12 congressional representatives.

Members of Congress are expected to vote and legislate based on the needs of their constituents, but do not always act accordingly. Representatives split time between Washington DC, where official Congressional business takes place and their home districts where they attend ceremonies to interact with constituents.

Another key role of representatives is to balance the executive branch. Representatives constantly watch for misconduct and observe general proceedings in order to explain the climate of Washington DC and national politics to local constituents.

District 1: Jack Kingston

District 2: Sanford Bishop Jr.

District 3: Lynn Westmoreland

District 4: Henry Johnson

District 5: John Lewis

District 6: Tom Price

District 7: John Linder

District 8: Jim Marshall

District 9: Tom Graves

District 10: Paul C. Broun

District 11: Phil Gingrey

District 12: John Barrow

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