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Attorney General

The attorney general serves as legal adviser for all state agencies, departments, authorities, and the governor. Duties of this office also include representing the state of Georgia in all cases before any court, prosecuting any public corruption cases related to the state, and preparing all contracts or agreements involving the state of Georgia. Of the executive offices in Georgia, it is the only position with duties that are specifically detailed in the state constitution.

Candidates for attorney general of Georgia must be at least 25 years old, a US citizen of at 10 years, and Georgia resident for the 4 years prior to election. The attorney general must also have been an active member of the State Bar of Georgia for at least 7 years.

The position of attorney general has existed in Georgia since its time as a colony. The first attorney general was English lawyer, William Clifton. He was also the first person licensed to practice law in Georgia. The Department of Law was established in1931 to help the attorney general. He serves as the head of the department.

Democratic Candidate:

  • Ken Hodges

Republican Candidate:

  • Sam Olens

Libertarian Candidate:

  • Don Smart
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