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Agriculture Commissioner

The primary role of the agriculture commissioner is to promote the agricultural enterprises of Georgia. The office creates policies to ensure an abundant level of food and fiber are available for the citizens of Georgia. Along with the governor and Georgia General Assembly, the agriculture commissioner develops policy for food production, consumer safety, and live stock.

The agriculture commissioner leads the state’s Department of Agriculture. The DOA was established in 1874 and is the state’s oldest independent executive agency. It has increased farmer efficiency through the development of technical resources. Inspections of Georgia food also fall under the authority of the DOA.

Another function of this department is to find markets for Georgia’s products around the world. Georgia leads the nation in production of poultry, eggs, pecans, and peanuts. The DOA manages markets across the state where those products can be sold.

Democratic Candidate:

  • J. B. Powell

Republican Candidate:

  • Gary Black

Libertarian Candidate:

  • Kevin Cherry
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