Candidates for school board president debated how to close gaps between schools and make the best use of funding at a forum hosted by the Downtown Neighborhood Association Wednesday evening. Four of the five candidates for president of the Savannah...
The ink is dry and H.B. 60 is no longer the “gun bill”. It took two sessions and an untold amount of private and public wrangling, but Georgia’s “Safe Carry Protection Act”, more commonly known as the “guns everywhere” bill, is now law. Governor...
Georgia’s controversial gun bill was signed into law Wednesday at an American Legion pavilion in Ellijay. And not a moment too soon for House Speaker David Ralston, who faces a serious primary challenger in less than a month.
The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation has announced recipients of its 2014 performing arts grants. Noted composers such as Roscoe Mitchell, Oliver Lake and Randy Weston received a first tier award.
Take Beyonce. Take Sinatra. Take whomever you love and set them on fire with a "Pyro Board." It plays music by pulsing the beats in flame, and when the singer hits a high note stand back.
People recover better from serious brain injuries if they've had more formal education, researchers say. They're not sure why book learning promotes cognitive reserve.
The Las Vegas production of Shakespeare's The Tempest features music by Tom Waits and direction by the usually silent magician Teller, who you can hear speak (!) about the production here.
Most of us aren't as maleficent as the fairy in "Sleeping Beauty," but we're still apt to spite others, even at risk of harming ourselves. Psychologists are trying to figure out why.
Even as investment in education technology grows, teachers say free tools are just as effective as paid ones.
According to reports, the FCC is set to approve a system in which Internet service providers offer a faster pipe to American homes to content companies willing to pay for it.