Political and Business leaders are backing the dredging of the Port of Savannah, to allow for larger cargo freighters to pass through.
A new resource center for industry and academic research laboratories will be built.
The former chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee was found guilty last month by the House ethics committee, which recommended that he be censured. But the House hasn't censured anyone since 1983, and there is a campaign under way to...
Liberals see the president as a bad negotiator, willing to sell the farm for nothing. They point to concessions he has made on energy policy, health care and government spending -- without guarantees of getting anything in return from Republicans.
A 2,000-year-old building at the ancient site of Pompeii collapsed in rubble in November, only months after a piece of Rome's Colosseum fell to the ground and the roof of the home of Emperor Nero crumbled. The collapses triggered charges of...
Steele was repeatedly criticized by would-be successors for the RNC's disappointing money-raising. Those running to be RNC chair said Steele's weakness at raising cash and his mismanagement led to missed GOP opportunities during the recent...
Two of the cables in particular could provide some trouble for the Yemeni government. One describes a meeting between Gen. David Petraeus and Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, and another chronicles a conversation about whiskey smuggling.
Ronni Chasen was killed Nov. 16 in Beverly Hills. As Los Angeles police tried to search a man's apartment Wednesday, he pulled out a gun and killed himself.
Foreclosed homes sold at an even steeper discount to others in the third quarter. Analysts warn that's a sign the housing market still has some recovering to do.
The whistle-blower has been keeping his location secret. But British authorities know exactly where he is, they tell the London newspaper.