Now researchers in the U.K. are using maps to study variations in the way health services are delivered. The approach, pioneered at Dartmouth in the U.S., shows that the care provided can be quite different even when doctors are paid salaries.
Documented fraud by the pharmaceutical industry has been accelerating lately, an advocacy group finds. Fines and settlements paid by drug companies since 1991 those penalties totaled $19.8 billion. Most were levied in the past five years.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's abrupt sacking of his foreign minister this week -- and his move to replace the career diplomat with a nuclear scientist -- sparked a new debate about Iran's nuclear intentions. It also shed light on...
Only 13 percent of Americans approve of the job their federal lawmakers are doing, according to a new poll -- the lowest point since the survey started in 1974. So what will it take for lawmakers to get back in Americans' better graces?
Models in blue wigs and short skirts helped attract potential bone marrow donors to a Massachusetts registry. Insurers were then billed as much as $4,300 for the lab tests.
A Senate bill that would repeal the military's ban on openly gay service members appears to have attracted enough Republican votes to avoid a threatened GOP filibuster. The Senate will hold a test vote Saturday; the House has already passed the...
The global demand for eco-friendly products is prompting Chilean vineyards to examine their carbon footprint. They're realizing the most urgent target is energy efficiency. In 2012, the European Union will require all products to carry eco-...
Advocates for health overhaul have argued that by insuring more people the law would keep patients out of emergency rooms. But two-thirds of hospital administrators anticipate busier ERs, a survey finds.
A federal judge in Kentucky appeared to give the government a partial victory Friday in an unprecedented attempt to force coal mining companies with persistent and repeated safety violations into federal court.
Afghanistan is the bad war for many Americans and the White House's latest review is unlikely to change many minds. Worth noting is that the war's not a political problem yet for Obama.Still, it's a huge strategic riddle.