While the year ended with a bang, sales were still down sharply from 2009 and have fallen five years in a row.
Activists called for a fresh wave of protests a day after staging the biggest demonstrations Egypt has seen in years to demand an end to President Hosni Mubarak's rule. Authorities warned that further protests would not be tolerated and...
A long-awaited report will call the financial crisis an avoidable disaster caused by failures in government regulation and excessive risk taking by Wall Street. But political dissension may limit the report's impact.
Somebody added a message suggesting that the social networking site take in money via micro-investments.
Americans' passion for smoking decades ago is cutting lives short now. That past habit and our weight problems today help explain why people in other wealthy countries can expect to live longer.
Saudi's social media activists spread videos and news updates at the peak of the street protests in Tunisia and the interest has stayed high ever since. Many wonder if the Saudi government will clamp down on this free-wheeling speech.
In the past year, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office's forecast of the 2011 deficit has grown by about $500 billion.
Strong corporate earnings and President Obama's call for corporate tax cuts are credited.
ANALYSIS: The seating played into the president's strategy, providing a visual metaphor for crossing the divide. Anger and attitude are now called "vitriol" and are suddenly out of favor.
Clashes have been reported in Cairo and Suez. About 500 people have reportedly been arrested. Many of the protesters want President Hosni Mubarak to step down.