Fortunately, he wasn't hurt. But as you can see, a guy in Estonia was swept off his roof as the snow he was trying to clear came sliding down.
Candy Dynamics is pulling all flavors of the bars every produced because a cherry-flavored batch was found to contain more than 20 times the amount of lead allowed by the Food and Drug Administration.
Law enforcement officials tell NPR that the suspect inSaturday's Arizona shooting rampagewent to a store that morning to get prints made of photographs he had taken of himself posing with guns.
Management at University Medical Center fired three employees and let go a nurse working for a contractor because they accessed confidential computerized medical files of patients injured in the Tuscon, Ariz., shooting rampage.
The civil rights leader, who concedes he has said things in the past that may have contributed to a poisonous political climate, says public figures should learn from events such as Saturday's shootings in Arizona that they have to watch their...
Don Gonyea shares photos from the RNC meeting where its next leader will be chosen. It's not expected to be the current chair Michael Steele who has been criticized for his style and failure to raise more money.
The country's authoritative president says he will dismiss his government as tens of thousands of protesters take to the streets in the largest demonstrations to date.
At a retreat, the House GOP tweaks its post-Tucson game plan, including how to civilly press Obama. The meeting this year is much more low-key than last year's, with no invitation to the president and little to no media access.
"We couldn't have hoped for any better improvement than we're seeing right now," saysDr.G. Michael Lemole,section chief of neurosurgery at University Medical Center in Tucson.
Between the heroic actions of a peer, a presidential visit and the performance of their medical center, University of Arizona students have taken pride in their school's response to the Tucson shootings. But violence striking so close to home...