The federal health overhaul law imposed a variety of restrictions on flexible spending accounts as a way to boost government revenue. Now a backlash is brewing in Congress and bills to roll back some of the changes are getting traction.
Should WikiLeaks be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize because it holds governments accountable for their actions? A Norwegian lawmaker thinks so and has nominated the controversial whistle-blowing website.
Patients on the best-selling cancer drug Avastin are much more likely to suffer fatal side effects than those just getting chemotherapy, a study finds. Even so, the overall risk of fatal problems is low at less than 3 percent.
In his maiden Senate speech, Tea Party favorite Sen. Rand Paul (KY) suggested that unlike Henry Clay, the 19th-century statesman whose desk Paul now occupies, he won't be "the great compromiser" when it comes to his pet topic:...
Professional sports leagues and sports medicine doctors are teaming up in support of new laws designed to protect young athletes from concussions. The regulations are aimed at reducing the more than 60,000 concussions among high school athletes each...
The Mexican ambassador is demanding the hosts of Top Gear make a public apology for implying that Mexicans were "lazy" and "overweight."
A human rights group says Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is running his own personal combat brigade, which is overseeing a secret detention facility where men accused of terrorism and other crimes are tortured and kept incommunicado, with no...
After a federal court in Florida declared the health law unconstitutional, esteemed legal scholars weighed in on the ruling at a Senate hearing Wednesday. The consensus? There was none, with scholars endorsing either extreme.
The Senate GOP hopes to put Democrats facing tough 2012 races on even thinner ice with their votes on a bill to repeal the health care law. Meanwhile, Democrats hope to save their majority by doing more to tout the law's benefits to consumers.
In its search for planets outside our solar system, the Kepler space telescope has identified more than a thousand planet candidates. Dozens of those possible planets are in the "habitable zone" around their stars where life might exist.