Not long after the space shuttle Endeavour blasted into space this morning, shuttle enthusiasts were using the #NASATweetup hashtag on Twitter to share photos.
By a more than a three-fourths majority, voters decided to keep in place a 1941 law that allows doctors to passively assist people in ending their lives.
"One of the signatures of bin Laden's presence was an extended family and I think that's one of the building blocks that built the evidentiary case to find him," says journalist and bin Laden expert Peter Bergen.
Boxer Bernard Hopkins recently called football player Donovan McNabb a "house slave" an insult that has gone viral. NPR's Michel Martin takes aim at the idea that you have to be a thug to be cool.
"There was no one essential ... piece of information that led us" to the al-Qaida leader, the CIA chief said in a letter. And some detainees subjected to "enhanced interrogation" lied about key information the identity of a bin...
Montae Talbert. who helped teach us how to Dougie, was killed Sunday night in a drive by shooting.
With her moody, clear-toned voice and use of unique instrumentation, Jarosz blends the traditional and modern sounds of bluegrass with a collage of influences.
More than 80 percent of seafood eaten in the country is imported. And about half of the foreign seafood is farmed. Those facts raise the question: Is the seafood, especially the farmed stuff, safe to eat?
Under Dominique Strauss-Kahn's leadership, the International Monetary Fund played a key role in the keeping the eurozone rescue strategy on track, commentators say. And his probable departure will leave troubled economies like Portugal, Greece...
Astronomers at the SETI Institute say California's budget crisis has forced the shutdown of the Allen Telescope Array, a powerful tool in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.