At issue is whether the nation faces the prospect of cyberwar and needs to prepare for it. The Pentagon says yes. Howard Schmidt, the White House coordinator for cybersecurity, sees such talk as "hype" and rejects the "cyberwar"...
Japan is trying to preserve power following the crisis that crippled the Fukushima nuclear plant. As offices cut back on air conditioning to save energy, some professionals are jumping at the invitation to don lighter clothes, such as Hawaiian...
There was a comic book boom in the 80s and suddenly a dime store novelty could fetch thousands of dollars - but that industry crashed in 1993 and never recovered. Jonathan V. Last of The Weekly Standard uses this analogy to discuss the possibility...
The bank says hackers got tens of thousands of customers' account numbers and contact information, but not their social security numbers, passwords and some other critical information.
The drumbeat started Wednesday afternoon. This morning, there are more stories about the strong suggestions from Democrats and Republicans that the congressman who's admitted to lewd and lascivious behavior and then lying about it should go.
Firefighters are trying to protect communities, but dry conditions and strong winds continue to fuel the fire.
The newspaper says the U.S. is "exploiting a growing power vacuum in the country to strike at militant suspects with armed drones and fighter jets."
There were 427,000 first-time claims for jobless benefits, the Employment and Training Administration says.
Among the world's richest canines, she was living the retired life in Florida. Trouble was 12 (that's 84 in dog years).
With bin Laden dead, "we have a unique opportunity to make new gains on al-Qaida," he tells the Senate Armed Services Committee as the confirmation hearing on his nomination to be secretary of Defense begins.