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Scientists thought they had described all major types of fungi, from mushrooms to mold. But a newly discovered, fungus-like group of microscopic organisms defies classification, and may belong in its own kingdom.
As floodwaters recede in Memphis, Tenn., hundreds of people are still living in shelters. What's unique about this effort to shelter, feed and clothe flood victims is that it's not being run by the Red Cross. The homeless are staying at...
Evangelist Billy Graham remains in a North Carolina hospital after being admitted for treatment of pneumonia.
As intelligence analysts go through the materials collected from bin Laden's compound, they're learning more about his thinking and plans.
Consumers spent more on gasoline, clothing and autos in April, pushing retail sales up for a 10th straight month.
A trio of economic indicators add to the economic puzzle.
Government officials and state-run Libyan television said the strikes targeted Bab al-Azaziya, Gadhafi's compound.
The president also cautioned that while the economy appears to be on the mend, it will take "several years for us to get back to where we need to be."
Even as tornadoes headed toward their command center last month, controllers in Georgia kept guiding planes around the twisters.
Two Canadian researchers have found antibiotic-resistant bacteria living on bedbugs recovered from three people hospitalized in Vancouver. While far from proving that bedbugs can transmit bacterial infections, the findings hint it may be possible.