Pundits from left to right have questioned the apparent uprising of 26th president Teddy Roosevelt's influence on current politics. Michael Green of Foreign Policy says Republicans should embrace the influential leader from 102 year ago.
The heavily traveled highway is closed to northbound traffic from exit 98 to exit 110 in Virginia. It's expected to remain closed several more hours.
One of the hotter stories over the weekend was the news that someone sent a suggestive picture from Weiner's Twitter account to a female college student in Washington State. The New York Democrat says he was hacked.
Helena Andrews of The Root walked 40 miles a week getting to and from her minimum wage internship at O, The Oprah Magazine - all for Oprah. But, in the end, she realized it was all part of her destiny.
There's confirmation now that the housing market has taken a "double dip" and that prices are down to mid-2002 levels, the widely watched S&P/Case-Shiller report says.
In Monterrey, Mexico organized crime and drugs were taking a toll. The desperate city asked for help from the military but many would come to regret it. Nik Steinberg of The Nation tells the city's story.
105 acts lined up against nature's splendor at the four day festival in central Washington state.
Pianists the world over made the trip to Fort Worth a lawyer from Hong Kong, a dentist from Italy and a Formula 1 race car designer from the U.K. Hear Maryland gastroenterologist Christopher Shih's winning performance of music by Brahms.
New research findings suggest that a mouse virus thought by some to cause chronic fatigue syndrome is instead a laboratory contaminant. The results led a leading scientific journal to ask for a retraction of an earlier paper proposing the viral link.
Just before the shuttle detached from the International Space Station one last time, astronauts captured a vivid image: the spacecraft brightly lit plunges backward toward a rendez-vous with an Earth blurred by the speed of orbit.