After being forced to lay off half its workers, a Michigan yacht-building company has started to make wind turbines. The engineering principles are similar and now the company is planning to start hiring again.
The space shuttle Endeavour landed safely in Florida early today, bringing to a close its final mission in space. Watch the video.
Diseases, both chronic and infectious, are a reality regardless of American optimism. Daniel Callahan and Sherwin B. Nuland for The New Republic argue that real reform will needs a reality check and plenty of money.
Cultural considerations and individual likes and dislikes are valid regardless of poverty or wealth. Dean Karlan and Jacob Appel for Foreign Policy explain that even with the best of intentions, donors need to take personal choice into account.
Though researchers have not found a clear link between cellphones and cancer, a new study has again raised the issue. And some researchers advise going hands-free to limit the amount of time a phone is near your ear. Will you follow that advice?
In Japan, public distrust of the government is growing following the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis that began in March. The country's prime minister is expected to face a vote of no confidence Thursday.
On Memorial Day, Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel resigned amid reports that he hid information from the NCAA. Dave Zirin of The Nation believes college football needs an overhaul, but not because of coaches like Tressel.
The world is anxiously watching events in Pakistan, a dangerous nation that has gotten more violent in the wake of the May 2 killing of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden. The murder of journalist Syed Saleem Shahzad is the latest unsettling news.
Government forces battled tribesmen in pre-dawn street fighting that killed at least 41 people. Meanwhile, Islamist fighters loyal to al-Qaida seized the southern town of Zinjibar, raising concerns about the consequences of a collapse of government...
While the government of Bahrain today officially lifts the state of emergency that it declared in March, activists say they've been warned against doing anything that authorities don't like.