Once a potential presidential contender, he was sidetracked by an affair and reports of payments made to the other family involved.
In some places opposition fighters, many of them young, are "waiting for someone with some experience to come tell them where they can be of most use," reports NPR's Peter Kenyon.
After reports that she had left the country following death threats and was seeking asylum in the U.S., Marisol Valles was fired today, The Associated Press reports.
Moving forward with military tribunals against some Guantanamo detainees has always been part of the White House plan. Today, the president also issued an executive order outlining a review process for detainees being held without charges.
More than 30 years ago, Rosanne Haggerty founded a group called Common Ground, which turned a hotel on the verge of being condemned in New York City's Times Square into permanent housing for the homeless. Common Ground's program has become...
For musicians, connections like Facebook friends and Twitter followers can turn into real cash.
Sen. John Ensign's decision meant the GOP's Rep. Dean Heller was expected to keep the seat for his party. Democrats had hoped Ensign would stay since he was eminently beatable due to his well-publicized extramarital affair and a large...
Video games that require physical activity can be downright strenuous. Some, including Dance Dance Revolution, can be better exercise than walking on a treadmill, a new study finds.
The tantalizing prospect that life could have rained down from space has been raised in a new scientific paper by a NASA researcher, but most scientists who have seen the work think it's probably wrong.
Ohio could be the first state to dramatically curb the power of state workers' unions this year. The Ohio Senate has passed a bill to restrict government workers unions to bargain collectively for wages but little else. Though some Republicans...