Coming from a country where the leader is called "the son of God" and where the official news agency has reported about a "mysterious natural wonder" involving his birthplace, the "news" probably shouldn't be too...
The ACLU calls the actions unconstitutional. Gov. Rick Scott says Floridians should be assured that their tax money isn't supporting addiction.
The new strain of E. coli has genes that appear to account for its toxicity and the high rate of kidney problems among patients. The germ is also armed with genes that would help it defeat common antibiotics.
Currently the Times' managing editor, she becomes the first woman in its 160-year history to lead the newspaper. Bill Keller is stepping down to be a full-time writer for the Times.
Human organ donation is strictly regulated but these laws, meant to protect, create a lucrative market for the illegal sell of organs. Scott Carney of Foreign Policy makes a case for humanizing the transplant process.
A day after Google accused China of trying to gain access to high profile Gmail accounts, a spokesman for China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the accusations were "unacceptable" and were "a fabrication out of thin air."
Bauer will be replaced by a veteran prosecutor, Kathleen Ruemmler. She has spent most of her career at the Justice Department. She started out handling drug and crime cases in Washington D.C. then then took on a leading role in the prosecution...
The former Massachusetts governor used a farm in Stratham, N.H., as the backdrop for the announcement. The Granite State holds the nation's first primary.
U.S. officials are constantly being described as "applying pressure" to foreign leaders and countries. In lieu of resorting to two key tactics, U.S. officials sometimes exert influence through a combination of lesser threats and well-timed...
The Libyan woman burst on to the cable news networks and front pages in March with a dramatic appearance at the Tripoli hotel where journalists are staying. She said she had been held for days and raped repeatedly by Gadhafi loyalists.